Thursday, February 16, 2012

Foliage Follow-Up....February, 2012

Agave Lophantha

Yesterday, I showed you the meager blooms we have here at 
Patchwork Garden.

Today, we join Pam, over at Digging, for 
Foliage Follow-Up.

You've seen a lot of these many times before.
I'm loving the Mexican Feathergrass, Nasella tenuissima.  That plant above performed well all during the 
awful summer we had...with a good drink about once a month.
Who wouldn't love that.  Freezes don't seem to bother it, either.

Lamb's Ear, Stachys byzantina, is always a good foliage plant.
That fuzzy leaf is not tasty to the deer.

The same goes for Jerusalem Sage, Phlomis fruitcosa.  
Although, I have seen the deer chomp on the blooms.  Not often, though.

They never touch the Rosemary.  
This is also in the same bed as the feathergrass...watered once a month or so last summer.  

I've never seen the deer mess with Dusty Miller, Senecio cineraria.

Or, this Artemisia 'Powis Castle'.

This Squid Agave, Agave bracteosa, is doing well.
There are two of these, in containers by the front porch...inspired by Pam's culvert planters.

We're still not sure what this agave is.  A friend of my daughter-in-law gave her two pups.  She shared one with us.  It's grown a lot.  I'm protecting from the deer, with my homemade screen....a cut down tomato cage, covered with deer mesh.
Anybody know what kind it is?

We have a new Yucca.  I need to do some research on what kind it is.  
The label was discriptive....'yucca'.  
It's pretty, huh?

There's pretty foliage in the Veggie Garden.
This Brussels Sprout is looking good.  Not sure we'll get sprouts, though.
I don't seem to be too good at growing Brussels Sprouts.  But, the leaves are pretty.

The Swiss Chard, 'Bright Lights', looks good, too.  These look good, even in the flower garden.

Oops!  How'd this bloom get in here?
I missed it yesterday.  It's on the Sugar Snap Peas.  Again, not many came up.  
I don't seem to have much luck with these, either.

OK...back to our regularly scheduled foliage report.

Cilantro...I planted one little pot of this, late last spring.  It didn't last long.  The heat set in early.
This year, there are several that just appeared.  They make a pretty plant.  And, of course, they're good to use in lots of dishes.

Last, but nowhere least....Celery.
Remember when I told you that Ally @ Garden Ally had shown how you can grow celery from the root end? worked...and, in no time.  I just set this on top of the soil, about a week ago.
This fuzzy picture shows you what's happening.  How cool!

OK...I've shown you some of what I've got.
Head over to Pam's, and see what else is out there.

Happy Foliage Follow-Up...


  1. All your foliage looks great. The yucca might be 'Color Guard' especially if it gets more color on it.

    I'm not the best with agave names.

    Love that celery idea, I'm going to try that. I can't grow Lamb's Ears here for some reason though I keep trying.

  2. I see lots of my favorite plants in your list. Your chard looks pretty good too. Did you cover it when we had that hard freeze?

  3. Oh I almost forgot. Congratulations on your celery. Isn't that fun!

  4. Oh my word, your yard looks amazing,and such a wonderful variety of plants. Love it. Thanks also for stopping by and your gracious comments. I really appreciate it. Hugs, marty

  5. Isn't it funny that rosemary can taste so good to us but so bad to the deer? And I love the smell of artemisia, but deer hate that too. Lucky us! Your yucca doesn't look quite like 'Color Guard' to me -- not yellow enough, and those mango accents give it more of a 'Bright Edge' or maybe 'Bright Star' look. Isn't it annoying when the label is insufficient?

  6. Foliage is lovely right now, after all our rains! Seeing all this green is almost as good as having blooms.

  7. Everything is looking wonderfully green and healthy. What's this about celery, must check it out. Is it supposed to produce a new head? I have a few in the compost pile. I think it is bright edge too. That pink color rather than the yellow.

  8. I love that celery idea! Can't wait to try it myself, thank you! Your yard is looking beautiful...I really like that concrete pattern on the first image...very attractive!

  9. Perhaps your mystery yucca is someone's "underground" re-package of a fancy-named cultivar!?!?

    That is amazing...especially all that green grass. This moisture with your mild temps, it looks so nice...a taste of thing in a month, here.

  10. I think maybe the Yucca is 'Bright Edge'. I finally did a little research.
    We got it at King's Feed. They don't always have the best ID on their plants. But, they usually have healthy plants...and, they're close by. Two good points.

  11. Lovely lovely foliage! I just know I've seen that yucca recently; will look it up. Wow on the celery idea! I'll try it next winter. Now is too hot (or about to be). I've done the same thing with grocery store leeks. Beautiful garden you have, indeed!

  12. WOW ! Not all understand, because i'm french, but this plants you have seen are spectacular! I really like the agave. I invit you to discover mine in my blog Xx Garden ;-)


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