Monday, August 29, 2011

Deja Vu...All Over Again...

Two years ago, we had a bad summer drought.  No rain, from June to September.  
That was our first summer, living here.  The heat was bad.  We reached 68 days of 100+ temperature.

Now, we're sitting at 73 days of 100+.  And, more to come.  
Yesterday, we hit 112.  That tied the all time high, set back in 2000.  We remember that one, too.  We were helping our son-in-law put in a water line at their old place.  Not fun...

We have more and more deer come to the birdbaths and buckets.  Our neighbors are putting out water, too.  That helps some.  But, the heat has to be taking a toll on the wildlife as much as the plants and trees.

Water is the great relief.  We'll keep supplying it, the best we can.

Let's hope the heat subsides soon.  
And, let's also hope that we get some of that good old water from heaven.  
Let's hope this is my last whining post.

Stay Cool....Pray for Rain..


  1. Linda - Wildlife are so dependent on human assistance right now. I'm trying to do my part as well, by providing water and food. Wish we would have gotten some rain from Irene.

  2. I have been putting out the water too inside and outside the nursery - I worry the water gets too hot for them so I try to put it in the shade (of which there isn't a whole lot). Great photos of the deer.
    Let's hope they are right about Thursday and Friday.

  3. We are seeing lots of doves right now. I put out a low dish to entice a fox but it hasn't worked yet . . .


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