Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are You Ready?....

September 1st.  
Can you believe it?

College football season starts today.  
Again...can you believe it?

It's still so HOT!  Watching football will be HOT...can't image suiting up and playing.

No....this is not another one of those whining posts.

We really like college football.  And, we are SO ready for fall.

Leaves turning color from the season...not from the drought
Shorter days = less sun.

Yep....we're ready

The fans around here, are ready.

So, are you ready for some football?

Stay cool...pray for rain.

Happy Gardening...


  1. I am absolutely ready for some football! Hoping my teams give me a reason to forget the heat and drought!! It can't last forever...still praying!

  2. that's not burnt orange is it? suppose to get a norther tonight. drop 30 degrees from yesterday.

  3. Football and fall go hand in hand.
    We're supposed to get some of that cold front. Thank goodness.
    Now, if we could just get some rain.
    And, yes, greggo....that is definitely burnt orange.
    Go Horns!!


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