Wednesday, September 14, 2011

She shows up all the time.  
She's a Golden-fronted Woodpecker.

This one is the female.  The male has a little red cap on his head.
The whole family shows up.  Momma, Daddy, and Baby.  They all have a sweet tooth.

They're big, and they're noisy.  And, a bit clumsy.  You don't want to have a feeder close to a window....

They come to all the feeders.

And, the hummers don't like it.

The hummers dive bomb the woodpeckers.  But, it doesn't faze them.
They just keep on sippin'.

We seldom see any other types of Woodpeckers.  Occasionally, we see a Hairy Woodpecker.
But, they're fast, and I'm not.  So, no pictures of those.

The heat goes on here.  Keeping water and food out for the 'livestock' is just one of the daily chores.

Fall will come, right?  Let's hope soon.

Pray for rain...

Happy Gardening...


  1. We've had one of these show up occasionally, too!

  2. I have the same situation. They must be a bunch of sugar addicts.

  3. I never saw a Golden woodpecker before. How pretty.Great shots.

  4. How beautiful, Linda! I have yet to see woodpeckers at my feeders, but every once in a while I see a feeder swinging, like something big was there and flew off. I saw an oriole there once, though! Great shots!


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