Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bloomday for September, 2011...

Here we are again.  The middle of the month.  This time, September.  This year is moving fast.

It's still summer type temperatures here in Texas.  And, the drought is still going strong.

But, we don't give up.  So, we join Carol  at May Dreams Garden for Bloomday.

Ladybug plant stake...glows in the dark.

It's been depressing around here, with all the dead grass and stressed out trees.  So, when I went out to take photos, I was a bit surprised how many I got.

The pot, above, with the Ladybug stakes, has been a regular bloomer.

Bougainvillea still going strong.

This morning glory shows up every year.  It hitchhiked down from our old garden, with some other plant.

The cannas have been slow about blooming.  This one finally put on some blooms this week.

You can depend on this cleome "Senorita Margarita".  

And, Mexican Petunia...ruellia

And, a taller, pink version of Ruellia

This Coral Nymph salvia coccinea came back from the dead, after last winter's freezes.

The Hyacinth Bean is blooming.

The Thryallis hasn't grown very tall, but it's blooming nicely.
The Knockout rose is putting on some new blooms.

The Purple Heart has a small bloom, but it adds to the appeal of this old fashioned favorite.

Over in the veggie garden, there are more volunteer flowers than veggies.  
This cosmos reseeded this summer....blooming away, and reseeded some more.  

The same with this orange Zinnia.

And, there was no celosia ever planted in here.  
Must have come in with some compost.  Looks good, though.

I'm grabbing seeds whenever I can from this Narrow leaf zinnia.  
I hope I can have them in several places next year.  They're very good performers.

After a very slow start, the Coral Vine is finally putting on some blooms.  

The most dependable 'bloomer' is the bottle tree.  
Let's hope this drought breaks soon, or this might be my only bloomer.

So, what's blooming in your garden?

Stay safe...pray for rain.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Thanks for sharing - not too shabby of blooms by any means. That Ruellia looks great, same with the Bougainvillea. Yes...rain, rain, rain!

    Send you cool breezes at least, just no rain with them so far...

  2. Wow, you have a lot blooming! Very impressive, with our weather conditions and water restrictions. I have a bottle tree, too!

  3. Looking good, in spite of the drought! Love that the Morning Glory hitch-hiked to your garden...what a beauty!

  4. Looks like you certainly have some splashes of color in your garden. I really like the look of the "returning" Morning Glory and the yellow Canna. Happy GBBD!

  5. Thanks everybody for dropping by.
    DesertDweller...yes, please send us some cool breezes. Hope you get some rain soon, too.'s been a struggle to keep things alive. Got a sprinkle here yesterday. Hope you got some of the Driftwood rain I saw on the news.
    Scott & RBell...once you have that purple morning glory, you'll always have it. My daughter gave me one, years ago. It became a thug in the old garden. Here, I'll take whatever will live and bloom.
    Stay safe....


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