Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You?...

September 11, 2001

That's the question we ask each other.  Mostly, we ask that when some tragic event happens.

Pearl Harbor

The assassination of President Kennedy

The start of any war

I wasn't watching the news that morning.  Mr. P had gone to work.  I was getting the day started, and had a quilting program on the television.
Our daughter called.  She was watching Good Morning America.  "Are you watching tv?", she asked.
Well, yes....what's going on?

I switched time for us to chatter on about what that first plane hitting the 
World Trade Center in New York City was all about.

Then, shock.....another airliner hit the second tower.

Oh my God!  What is going on?

Then, the scenes on the television switch to the Pentagon.  Smoke rising, people running.
Another plane had flown into the nation's military headquarters.

Oh my God!  What is going on?

Then later, we learn of the crash of Flight 93.  
We wouldn't know until much later that the brave passengers had manage to bring it down, 
saving many more lives.

By then, we knew what was going on.

The day unfolded with more and more horrific scenes.  
In today's world, we can watch horrible things, in real time.  
People trapped in burning buildings.  
Firefighters and police running TO those buildings.  
People running away in terror.

Then, the buildings fell.....
It seemed that all of America gasped.....and then, fell silent.

That was ten years ago, today.

For the families and loved ones of those who lost their lives that day, their lives were changed forever.
For the rest of us, our lives changed, too....though in different ways.
Two wars
New security rules...everywhere.
The wonder if evil people in this world could ever do this again.

We all go on with our lives.  That's what people do...adjust or die.

There's always that hope for the most precious of dreams...
Peace on Earth

So, today we'll stop and think about that day....about all those people who lost their lives.
About the brave people helping one another to survive.
About the men and women who have lost their lives, or been injured, in the wars to avenge this.

And, we'll remember when someone asks...

Where were you?

May God bless each of us.
And, may God Bless America.



  1. I'm remembering too, Linda. That day won't soon be forgotten.

  2. Linda,
    Beautiful post to honor those who lost their lives. I was on my way to a cemetery. We buried my Grandmother that day. I was grieving for her and the families of 9/11.

  3. I have a genealogy website and that day my Mother and I had been going around to different cemeteries and transcribing the names in them. When we got home my daughter came out of the house running to tell us. I remember saying "They have just woken a sleeping giant".
    I was glued to the TV for days it seemed. I had not saw anything that hurt, saddened or angered me more.
    A wonderful tribute Linda.


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