Thursday, September 22, 2011


The first day of Fall.
We made it through the summer.  Not that the temperatures show it.  
But, hopefully they will soon.  We're SO ready for summer to be done. for the photo.....Fall is the biggest of our 'leaf seasons'.  
The Cedar Elms drop their leaves in the fall.  LOTS of leaves....LOTS of sweeping.

On the up-side....they make good compost and mulch.

Have a good weekend....and
Happy First Day of Fall.

Stay safe...pray for rain.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Happy first day of fall indeed! I am with you- SO ready for summer to be done. Enough already!

  2. YEA!! Fall is here. Anything in the low 90's feels like a cold front after the summer we have had.

  3. Or so you thought! It is just horrible again today. My plants were starting to come to life and now this. Will it ever end. Someone was commenting yesterday that cedar elm leaves make great compost. All I have is live oaks and they never compost. They just prevent the water from getting through.

  4. Well..surprise, surprise. Our only fall is on the calendars...not the thermometers.

    Cedar Elm leaves do make good compost...if I can get enough 'green' stuff in there. The deer forage through for things they like. Coffee grounds are safe, and last spring I put blood meal in to speed things up.

    Live Oak leaves are like leather, though. Not sure how long it would take for them to compost.

    Let's hope this heat is finished soon.

    1. Hi. I just moved here a couple of months ago. I have put some Cedar Elm leaves into my compost, but I have so many leaves left over. Do you know if it is beneficial to leave the leaves on the ground through the winter? I live in Serenada, lots of trees and clover ground cover. Thanks.

    2. Hi, Welcome to the area...
      We have lots and lots of leaves here, too.
      I leave some on the ground, and even mulch with some. They'll take up some nitrogen, but they'll break down in the soil. I sometimes add some blood meal for extra nitrogen and faster breakdown....especially in the compost.
      The Cedar Elm leaves break down much faster than the Live Oak leaves. We luckily have the grove behind the house to spread those out.
      Good luck...

  5. It is fall, it is. I can tell by the cool mornings, even if the afternoons are still unbearable.


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