Monday, August 15, 2011

Garden Bloggers Bloomday...August, 2011... we are...the 15th of the month.  The day when gardeners all over join Carol at May Dreams Garden,  to see what is blooming in the garden.

It's been very hot and very dry, here in Central Texas.  So, there's not a lot of blooming going on here.

I was a bit surprised, though, when I went out to take photos.  There's more than I thought.

Our view out the back, and across the deck, is the Deer Grove.  It's pretty dried up.

If you look closely, you see some green.  This Prickly Pear is still green, even though it's had NO extra water....

Just over the edge is the creek.  The Euphorbia 'Snow on the Mountain' is blooming there.

Despite it's pretty face, this is one tough plant.  Like most euphorbias, the deer won't touch it.  That white latex sap is people, as well as animals.

And, it can thrive in this....almost solid rock and NO RAIN.  That's tough.

Over in the veggie garden, there are more blooms than veggies.  This narrow leaf zinnia has been pretty happy there.  I'm letting it set some seeds to save for next year.

The same with some of the regular zinnias that came up from last year. 

This cosmos reseeded itself.  The 'mother' plant has long died, but the babies are happily blooming.
I think I'll probably have zinnias and cosmos in the veggie garden for a long time.

One veggie is hanging in there....Okra.  It likes the heat, but hasn't grown as tall as usual.

And, I'm just letting the basil go ahead and bloom, too.  It's pretty, and we need some pretty.

Over in the fenced yard the Esperanza is finally putting on some small blooms.  It probably doesn't get enough sun.  But, at least it made it through the freezes of last winter.  Hope it lasts out the heat.

Mexican Petunia, ruellia, is holding strong.  I actually like this plant for the foliage, more than the flowers.  The blooms last one day and leave a mess.  But, I like it. 

A purslane in a container likes the heat.

And, in the same container, the Plumbago likes sun and heat, too.

And, Periwinkles are tough heat loving plants, too.  These in the front haven't been chomped, either...yet.

But, the big show is the Bougainvillea.  It got a bigger pot this year, and it seems to be really happy.

It makes us happy, too.

So, what's blooming in your garden? 

Stay cool....Pray for rain.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Love the Bougainvillea -- I've killed two of them. But I've seen them flourish in Austin, like yours -- not sure where I've gone wrong. Your euphorbia is glorious as well. Happy GBBD!

  2. Snow on the Mountain has always been a tough native, but so pretty (especially up close!). Happy GBBD!


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