Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Can't Always Get What You Want.....

It's really hot here.  As I write this, our thermometers here at Patchwork Garden read 108F...actual temperature.  The heat index has to be more.  We won't think about that.

And, NO rain......

We've moved up to stage 3 water restrictions.  
That means no watering with automatic irrigation systems or hose-end sprinklers.  We can still use hose-end watering and "hose filled buckets", but only on designated days, at designated times.  Our days are Tuesdays and Fridays, up to 8:00 am, and after 8:00 pm.  
Luckily, we can use soaker hoses any day...but, only at certain times.  And, there is still a small amount left in the rain barrels.

If you look in the right place, things don't look so bad.  The golf course waters every night.  They have an exemption, because they have a business that requires it.  

But, turn to the right, and this is what reality looks like.  
The only thing alive in the creek is the Euphorbia 'Snow on the Mountain' (what a great sounding name.)

The deer gather in Elli's Meadow, looking for whatever they can find.

That is last year's grass.  And, turns out grass is something deer don't really eat.  That was a surprise to me.  I thought living on a golf course would mean they'd have plenty to eat and would not bother the landscaping quite as much.  Boy, was I wrong.

The deer wander into our yard.  Note the lovely lawn....dead grass, trampled by deer hoofs.
We make sure the birdbaths are filled.  
And, a bucket filled, for the babies, too short to reach the water in the bowl.  

This is i-Lean.  Notice her right front leg.  It was broken last year.  Mr. P named her.  He's a funny guy.
This photo is not zoomed.  She really does come that close.  And, she's looking pretty bad.
There's nothing much we can do for the deer.  Even if it wasn't a stiff fine to feed them, there are so many.  We'd never be able to feed them all.  
We're worried what the winter will bring for them.

On a brighter note....the few containers I have are loving the heat.

Thankfully, they don't require much water.

I think this little guy has the right idea. 
He lives on the porch...which isn't that easy, with Willow (who thinks this is his house), and Maggie chasing after him when he hops out of his hiding place.
Mr P filled the porch water bowl last night, with cool, fresh soon as he set it down, this little frog jumped right in....dirt and all.
Too bad we don't have a bowl big enough for us.

Stay cool...pray for rain.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Amazing - we would be in your shape if we had not escaped the hotter weather to our east. A few more years of this, and those oak and juniper woodlands will be much thinner, I bet. Yes, I hope we all get more rain, and our "leaders" take conservation seriously in light of smart water use, habitat and asthetics...sounds like rethinking the design of golf courses for one's climate, too.

  2. Linda I feel so sorry for you Texans and this heat. I have been seeing news reports of the droughts and heat. I pray you all get some rain soon.

  3. Don't think I could cope with that heat, we Irish are not genetically adapted to it. Your containers are blooming in it though.

  4. Oh no, Stage 3 watering restrictions? I'm sorry to hear it, Linda. Even our native plants are suffering and dying in this awful drought and heat wave.


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