Friday, August 12, 2011

Wonder Why...

We have one Texas Persimmon.  It's along the fence line, inside the fenced yard.
This year it is FULL of fruit.  Even after the hard winter, and this horrible summer.  The limbs are so full, some are bending down toward the ground.

The ones on the golf course seem to have very little fruit.  

The birds love them, when they're ripe.  They turn black.
  Maggie thinks they're pretty good, too.  We try to get them off the ground before she does.  Black whiskers are not so attactive, on a white dog.

Wonder why this year there are so many.

Have a good weekend.

Stay cool....pray for rain.

Happy Gardening...

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  1. Well, the wild life deserve to have something this summer. I know foxes love to eat the fruit as I have seen them climbing into our persimmons. So many of our fruit fell off before they ripened. I hope there are some left for a fall feast.


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