Thursday, August 25, 2011

We'll Take It....

Yes....that's RAIN!

A cloud came through a little while ago, and dropped .04 inches on our dusty area.
Not much.....not nearly enough.  But, hey....we'll take it.

That little bit, filled the rain barrels half full.  We need more barrels.......

Oh...we broke that record of 100+ days, yesterday.  70!
Today, thanks to the rain, we might not break the NEW record.  But, never fear.  Its days are surely numbered.  If not today, we'll break it tomorrow.

But, for now...I'm loving seeing a few puddles around.  And, the smell is wonderful.
We'll take it!

Stay cool....and keep on praying for rain.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Oh,glad you got some rain! I'm still praying.
    I just heard it is going to be 109 degrees on Sat. and Sun.

  2. Ahhhh rain. We got a little tonight, now if I could just afford some heavy duty rain barrels.


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