Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Foliage Follow-Up...August, 2011...

When you garden in Texas in summer, you know there won't be mounds of blooms.  So, your best bet is some good foliage.  And, your best bet is something that can stand the heat.

This year has been especially challenging.  Exceptional drought, plus long days of triple digit temperatures.
And, here at Patchwork Garden, it better be able to withstand the deer as well.

Agaves are pretty good at all of those challenges.  We have lots of Agave Lophantha, thanks to our neighbor, Elli.

I have learned that these agaves like to have a little shade.  The ones who have some, do better than the ones in the Rock Bed, with hard sun, six to eight hours a day.

That doesn't seem to bother the Prickly Pear and Mexican Feather Grass.  These are tough plants.  They get a drink every two to three weeks. 

I've moved a couple bunches of Prickly Pear over from the Deer Grove.  They were being hidden by the tall grasses growing there....except for this year.

The ones in the grove are doing alright, so far.

Jerusalem sage withstand the heat and drought.  Not as well as cactus, but it's doing ok, with a little water once a week.

Rosemary is tough, too.  Can stand the heat, drought and deer.  You see a lot of it around this neighborhood.

And, another popular plant for here is Yucca....all kinds.  The deer will eat the blooms, but they mostly leave the foliage alone.

And, Nandina....yes, I know, it's invasive.  I probably wouldn't have planted it myself.  But, it was here when we bought the house, and it is a tough, deer proof plant.  I've never seen them chomp this.  Of course, they might be eating everything by the time this drought is over.

It's not all desert landscape here, though.  Inside the fence, it's shadier and deer can't get to it.
Actually, it's sometimes sad, seeing them gaze longingly through the fence.
Even with shade and more watering, coleus may not be the best plant for this area.

Cuban Oregano adds some color and is holding up really well. 

Good old stand bys....Lamb's Ear and Purple Heart.

Sweet potato is good for covering a lot of space.  This is the first year I've had some come up from the year before.  Hope that happens again.

The cannas are doing good.  No new blooms, but the foliage makes up for that.

And, I couldn't garden without liriope and Aztec grass.  They're tough, too.  But, deer chomp them.

This liriope in the wall pocket on the deck, held up to last winter's freezing cold...a distant memory....and the withering heat of this summer.  An occassional drink is all it needs.

A Sanseveria holds up, in the shade of the porch.  It'll have to go inside this winter.

The cactus dish garden looks like it fits right in with our desert hot and dry.

This little guy must feel right at home.

If you want to see other foliage, head on over and visit Pam at Digging. for Foliage Follow-Up.

Stay cool...pray for rain.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Thank heavens for the tough plants and old standbys. They are getting my garden through this exceptional drought as well. I'm amazed you had sweet potato vine come back, especially after the winter we just had.

  2. My two favorite things are live oaks, with cacti (or beargrass) growing underneath.

    That grove is tough beauty...and when the weather finally goes somewhere between furnace and freezer (and some rain, whatever that is), come blooms you forgot about. With more food for deer. Hang in there!

  3. Love the little horned toad! Your shade plants appear to be doing darn good in this drought (much better than mine!)

  4. Aww, I like your little critter! He's very cute--and looks well-posed in that dish. :)

    Jealous of your cuban oregano, by the way. I had some last year in my west-facing front yard garden, and I loved it... but I forgot to take cuttings before the first freeze, and didn't see it again this year. *sigh* Maybe next!


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