Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Foliage Follow-Up....April, 2013....

Today is the day we join 
Pam at Digging,
Foliage Follow-Up.

I have LOTS of foliage, around here.
Blooms...not so much, yet.

So, here we go:

The front bed is hanging in there.
An unknown Agave, in the pot.
Sabal minor palm, in back.
Powis Castle Artemesia.
Sago palm.

Over to the side, is a Golden Barrel cactus.

It's been living in a pot for about a year.
Hope it gets bigger in the ground.

The Island Bed is looking good.
Getting the weeds out, and putting down new mulch.
Love the Mexican Feathergrass.  It's tough stuff.

The Yucca rostrata is putting on new growth.

So is the Prickly Pear.

And, this Softleaf yucca is putting out new leaves.
The deer had made a mess of the top of this one.

I have Powis Castle artemesia in a lot of places.
It's sturdy and the deer usually leave it alone.  This one got 'trimmed' a little this last winter.
But, doing really well now.

Inland Sea Oats.  Barely nipped.
The deer always have to try something new and fresh.  But, they usually leave it alone later.

Fortnight lily.  This will be it's third year, but I doubt I get any blooms.
Not enough sun here for that.  But, the deer don't touch it and it's evergreen.

This Lamb's Ear is one I brought from my old garden.
All the newer ones died.

The striped leaf canna is trying hard.  We keep having cold mornings.
Hopefully, they'll be over soon.

This is one of three Feverfew...and the last one alive...I planted three years ago.
I love the bright green, and it's evergreen. .It's never bloomed.  Could this be the year?

We put in a Japanese Aralia, hoping it will fill this space.

Variegated Dianella and Purple heart should make a nice combo.

Dusty Miller....another tough one and deer have never touched it.
It's in several spots, too.

Chrysanthemum Pacifica....not great bloom, but really nice foliage.
I saw it listed as a ground cover recently, and that's what this seems to be doing.
This one has been here for several years...little water...little sun.

I replaced the deer-eaten Japanese Holly Fern, on the front porch.
I'm keeping this one sprayed.  Makes a lovely-scented welcome, to visitors...ha.
Mostly, they've left these alone, though.

And, finally...the grape vine is really putting on new growth.
This was a gift, with the purchase of a ticket, to the
Texas Hill Country Wildflower and Wine Trail Tour,
a couple years ago.  We bought four tickets, got two vines and one died.
But, this one is pretty, and fenced in, in the Veggie Garden.


From the Daily Whine Department:

We're still fighting the Cedar Elm seedlings.
They were dug out of this bed...twice...and then the bed was remulched.
And here we have them AGAIN.
Will it ever end???

Thank you for listening.

Last...on a more serious and sobering note:
Yesterday's bombing, in Boston, was a horrible and sad event.
I really don't understand the mentality of people who can do this kind of evil.
What goes through their minds?  What kind of Devils do they have inside?

I guess from here, all we can do is pray for those lost or injured,
and all those who know and love them.

Again...when will it ever end?



  1. You have some beautiful foliage in your garden...it all looks so spring healthy. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden and I was surprised that you and I have some of the same plants growing our gardens...ie Lambs Ear and I have had Artemisia, but unfortunately it died.

  2. Hi Linda...your foliage is just beautiful! I really like the Mexican Feathergrass and the Striped Leaf Canna is out of this world!! Thanks for sharing all these beauties with us!

  3. Enjoyed seeing all your foliage. You have certainly got a handle on deer proof plantings.

  4. Hi,your foliage is impressive! I enjoyed my visit here.

  5. The different foliage in your garden is beautiful! Love all the textures. The Mexican feathergrass looks great in the sun. It looks so pretty blowing in the wind. I also really like your Lamb's Ear. I never had luck with it, but maybe I'll try planting it again.

  6. No linda it will never end, Jahadists hate us. Your foliage looks great, it looks like we go through the same things with the same plants. Gotta love the grey leaved varieties. Enjoy the weekend also.

  7. Lots of lovely foliage! The blooms will follow, I'm sure!


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