Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring....

Spring has sprung!

It's been pretty warm here, the last few days.
Monday, we got up to 94 here at Patchwork Garden.
A 'cold front' came through, and yesterday was only 86.

Last night, there were storms in the area.  
Some got pretty good sized hail.
We didn't.  But, we did get .16 inches of rain.
It all helps.


We have very few blooms, so far.  Those nights in the 20s, do take their toll.

Turk's Cap

But, there's lots of new growth going on.

There are several new fans on this palm.
I didn't write the name down.   
So, we just call it the 'Island Palm', since it's in the Island Bed.

And, I think the Yucca Rostrata is getting bigger.

We have a lot...A LOT...of Mexican Feathergrass babies.
Some will be moved to other places. 
 But, some will just end up in the compost.

Speaking of compost...
I dug out some from the bottom of our pile to spread in the Veggie Garden.

I poured out a bucket-full, and found this guy.
I know...he looks like a regular grubworm.

But, this guy is a little bit bigger.
Usually the size of one of those leaves, this guy was about THREE INCHES long!
I put down my glove, so you could see the size.

I think he liked the compost.
Sorry.  I didn't want to even imagine the June Bug he might become.
So, he became bird food.


I hope you're having a wonderful first day of Spring.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Hi Linda...It's wonderful to see new growth on your plants. That grub is awful...I'm glad you found him and he became bird food.....some bird must have a full belly right now! We've had a chilly first day of spring, but I don't care because IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!! Hurray. Hope you had a good first day!

  2. The little rain we received last night was a welcome sight for sure. As I'm reading, I'm smiling cause I knew that grub had to be big in order for you to post about him. The mocking birds just love them! They must be like filet mignon.

  3. I don't think that's a june bug grub. By its size, it appears to be a beneficial in your compost pile, enriching and helping the hastening of breakdown in the compost.

  4. Oh, my gosh! The size of that worm! He must have been eating on some good grub! ;) This weather is making me so mad! So nice and pretty, then a freeze will come along. :( Winter, please go away!

  5. Mediterranean Fan Palm / Chamaerops humilis. And nice, new top photos...the right on into those oaks is incredible. 94F already...yowza!

  6. That's a rhinoceros beetle grub and is very beneficial for your compost pile :-) Next time, throw him back in the compost :-)

  7. I get those grubs really big grubs in my pile as well. I believe they are the grubs of some of the larger varieties of beetles I see on occasion. I don't think they do any harm. Once in a while my chickens will find one and then the fun really starts.

  8. Good to hear from you Linda. I'm sure youhave heard about our significant snow falls lately. Nice day today however. Surely spring has arrived.


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