Friday, June 15, 2012

GBBD....June 2012

Can you believe it?

And, the middle of June.
The middle is when we join 
and show what's blooming in our gardens.


I always feel like there's not much blooming here, until I get out and start taking photos.
Then it seems like there is plenty.

Salvia guaranitica

It's been heating up here...lots of sun.

 Maybe not enough sun for this Purple Coneflower.  It probably needs to be moved.

There's one sunny corner in the fenced yard.  And, it's getting pretty crowded.

 Orange Esperanza

 Mexican Flame Vine..Senecio confusus
 Mexican Oregano

 Orange Cosmos

Hyacinth Bean

In the Deck Bed, the Knockout Roses are blooming again...finally.

The striped leaf canna has some buds.  They're heavy & almost broke off.
Hope they hold up.  This one's a beauty.

Up on the deck, more sun.  These narrow leaf zinnias are beginning to take off.

And, the Purslane likes the sun.

Along the back of the fenced yard, one corner gets a little sun.
Enough to let the Thryallis have some blooms.

We planted some Turk's Cap here, too.  It can take the shade.
Both of these are supposed to be 'deer resistant'.  Deer always ate the Turk's Cap blooms,
and I don't trust putting the Thryallis to the test.

In what I call the Air Conditioner Bed...the Fireworks Gomphrena is doing well.

There's a bit of midday sun in this bed.

And, the daylilies are liking it.

Over on the other side of the house, in the Rock Bed, this old fashioned 
'Ham & Eggs' lantana, is finally beginning to look good.
It was moved down here, from our old garden.  This is the FOURTH spot for it.
Last year it struggled, just to stay alive.  But, this years it's blooming.
This is the kind you see growing on the roadside in some places in Texas.
So far, the deer are leaving it alone.

In the Veggie Garden, the 'volunteer' Zinnias have been blooming a while.

I let them stay.  The bees and butterflies and even the hummers like them....
luring them in to pollinate the veggies.

They also make nice little bouquets.

So, what is blooming in your garden?
Head over to Carol's and see some pretty June blooms.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Hermosas imágenes!.Es hermoso ver tantas flores.Feliz fin de semana!

  2. Ha! I wasn't able to get a GBBD post up but could just re-post yours as my own with a few exceptions! Learned recently that the thryallis doesn't need full sun so am eager to give it a go too. Lovely blooms you have :)

  3. aloha,

    what a fun tour of your garden, i loved all the colorful blooms, thanks for sharing them :)

  4. Beautiful blooms, that canna bloom does look like a beauty. The lantana is lantana camara and it's not native but is does really well here. Interesting how we have many of the same plants as Cat said. It's because they grow here.

    Lovely bouquet to sum it all up.

  5. Yes, Linda, you do have lots of blooms and you have the Mexican Flame vine which I really lust after. I love the little arrangement you made in the bottle. So simple yet beautiful. Happy GBBD, Linda.

    1. I found the Flame vine at Natural Gardener. They may still have some.

  6. I'll say there's plenty of flowering going on at Rancho Patchwork! I may have to try out that Salvia guaranitica, since more and more show it and it looks very nice...and cool:-) Your photos are so incredible - I need to take more time on getting mine clearer like yours'.

    1. Thanks for the photo compliment. I keep practicing. I don't have any fancy DSLR...just a point and shoot...a new one, though...with a great telephoto. Lousy micro...but, if I back off and then zoom in, I'm getting some better shots.

      Rancho Patchwork...I like that!


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