Sunday, March 18, 2018

Welcome to Spring

The calendar says it’s Spring. 
Around here, we seemed to have gone from late winter,
straight to Summer. 

We had one morning low last week at 30 degrees,
and the last few days highs near 90. 

Welcome to Spring in Texas. 

The Spring Leaf Clean Up is about to begin,
when the Live Oak trees drop their old leaves, 
and put on new ones. 

The pansies are still blooming. If this heat keeps up,
they’ll begin to wane. 

The Snapdragons are finally starting to bloom. 
Almost too late. I’m thinking they prefer cooler weather. 

My neighbor, Ellie’s Viburnum is blooming. 
I didn’t get these limbs peeking through the fence,
trimmed back. Now I’m glad I didn’t. 
It’ll have to be done though, after the bloom is over. 

There are little fruits, on the Elaeagnus. 
We’ve seldom seen these, even though we notice the tiny blooms. 

The white Cemetery Iris has been blooming a lot. 
There are buds on other colors. All Pass-Alongs. 
The ones I bought, have not done well for the second year now. 

Inland Sea Oats are spreading, just as I wanted. 
The ones all over the rest of the yard, were not exactly my wishes. 
I’ll be moving them around. 
The deer don’t bother them. That makes them a favorite plant. 

Out in the Deer Grove, another plant the deer don’t bother...
Pretty yellow flowers. 
There are supposed to be berries to follow. 
I’ve never seen them here. 
Maybe something gets them before I see them. 

 Again in the Deer Grove, these yuccas are colonizing very nicely. 
I think they’re Twisted Leaf. 
I’m thinking of trying to move a couple to the house. 
It would be nice for them to take up some room in a flower bed. 
No care...and, deer don’t touch them. 

Of course, the weeds keep coming. 
This will be fun to clean out. 
I tried a little. Ouch!
It’ll take tools and gloves. 
I use some kitchen tongs. They usually work. 

And, lots more weeds and clean up to come.

But, evenings find us sitting on the porch. 
A glass of wine, and conversation. 

And, catching a little light in a bottle. 

Life is good. 

Weeds and all. 

Happy Gardening...

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