Monday, March 20, 2017

Deja Vu, All Over Again...

Last year, we took a cruise to the Caribbean.
We returned to a garden full of weeds....and a LOT of work to do.

Well...we did it again.

 St. Lucia

This year, we took TWO cruises.
Two, ten day cruises, back to back.

The first ten was great.  Our niece and nephew were with us.
We took lots of excursions, to see these beautiful islands.

The last ten...not so much.
Oh, the islands were beautiful.  But, Mr. P came down with the flu.
I can tell you...having the flu, on a cruise, is not that much fun.

We need to do the second cruise again...without being sick.
Oh...I managed to avoid getting sick.  

Yay me!

The return home was pretty much the same as last year.
Weeds, weeds, and more weeds.

Plus, the hard winter freeze damage.

Another year of hard work, getting things cleaned up.
And, this year, replacing quite a few plants.

I'm not looking forward to the clean-up.

But, there is some Spring beauty already...

The old iris....pass-alongs....are blooming.
The new ones, the ones I bought and planted in September, 2015, 
are not doing so well.  

I'll just hope for year.

So, I guess you can see what will be going on around here.
Pulling weeds...cutting back more freeze kill...pulling weeds...
replanting some things....

Oh, did I mention PULLING WEEDS?

Spring is bustin' out all over, here.
I hope your spring is, too.

Now, I gotta get to work.

Happy Gardening...