Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Summer Winding Down....

we haven't had anymore rain,
since a couple weeks ago,
when we had the six inches.

But, things are still happy.
The back, which is mostly Horse Herb, 
is greening up.

The Lantana is finally blooming.

The Ruellia is finally blooming, too.

I was beginning to think they'd just skip this summer.

And, the Plumbago is putting on a show.

The heat has returned.
There have been a lot of triple digit days here.

But, the forecast is for cooler and wetter days ahead.
We just cross our fingers, when we hear these forecasts.

But our Texas Sage, which is always reluctant to bloom,
is putting on a blooming show.

It's suppose to be a good omen for rain.

Let's hope the sage, and the weather guys,
are right.

We're certainly ready for some rain again.
And, cooler weather would be even more welcome.

Hope all is good in your garden.

Happy Gardening...

Thursday, August 10, 2017

It Rained!...

We FINALLY had some rain.
Six inches of rain!

We really, really needed it.

It made everybody happy.

The planter we made in this old fountain,
was happy.  

The Periwinkle loved the rain.
It loves the heat, too.

The Plumbago is beginning to really bloom.
They love the heat, too.
And, a little water from heaven doesn't hurt.

Even the Prickly Pear loved the rain.

We're heating back up,
and we have a whole lot of sun.

But, it was nice while it lasted.

Hope you're having good weather,
wherever you are.

Happy Gardening...