Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Traffic Woes....

Ah....the woes of getting caught in a traffic jam.

We were clever enough to get to just west of Denver, 
on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. least there was something pretty to look at.
And, plenty of time to to look at it.

But, even in more remote places, there are traffic jams.

Getting up early to head out to Lamar Valley in 
Yellowstone National Park, 
to see if we could see some wildlife.

Even early, sometimes you catch up with the 'traffic'.

These guys weren't too interested in hurrying.

You don't want to push the issue with them, though.

An auto wouldn't have much of a chance, if this guy gets a case of
Road Rage.

Happy Gardening...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Best Laid Plans...

We've been back in Wyoming.
We planned a trip to Yellowstone National Park, 
a year ago.  Way before our daughter ended up moving up here.

Before and after our time in Yellowstone, we've been back in
Pinedale.  We love it here.

Last week, we got up extra early, so we could drive the 89 miles to Grand Tetons
in time to catch the morning sun.  It's on our way to Yellowstone.

But, nature had other ideas.  The morning was really foggy.

In places, we could barely see the road.

The Tetons were shrouded in clouds.

And, shortly after these photos, they disappeared completely.

So much for best laid plans....

Happy Gardening...