Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day Lily, Day Lily, Day Lo.....

Those of you old enough to remember that song,
know it was
Hi Lili, Hi Lili, Hi Lo.

But, hey....I needed a title.

And, the daylilies are doing really well this year.
Especially compared to the last couple of years.
Maybe it's the rain....or, the extra nitrogen.

I've moved them around so much, I'm not sure what the names are on most.
This one though, has to be Chicago Star.

Tall, softly bright yellow, and a bloom 6-8 inches across.
Big and beautiful.

The marker by this one says Miss Amelia.
It just might be.  It's the right height and color.
It's going to have to be moved.  It's getting covered up by other plants.
And, it could use more sun.

But, isn't she pretty?

This, I know, is Pandora's Box.  
It's the only one I had this color....with the burgundy throat.
Small, and blooming at the feet of Chicago Star.

The marker by this one says Pardon Me.
But, it's not.  Not the one I remember...which is deep red.

It's a bit different colors, different times of day.

But, that's not deep red.

There are more buds coming, on plants close by.
Maybe Pardon Me will show up.
But, this one will do.  Doesn't matter if I know the name. 
She's pretty anyway.

I hope I get to see the ones on the way.
We're off to visit our daughter in Wyoming.
Yep....she moved AGAIN.

The plant sitters will let me know what's blooming.
And, I hope, keeping things alive.

I'll keep you posted.

'Til then....

Happy Gardening...

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Fathers in My Life....

Over the years...if you're lucky...you can collect a lot of Fathers.

This is the one I started out with.

By the time I showed up, he had been a father to my brother and sister for quite a while.
There were both quite a bit older.

He was a hard-working, honest man.  
He was always interested in learning new things.  
He passed that love of learning on to his children.

This December, he will be gone for 30 years.
And, I still miss him.


But, I still have Fathers.

This is the Father I live with.
He's been in my life, for half a century. (Yikes!)

He's a fun guy.  Sometimes my 'Third Kid'.
But, he's always been a good Father...a Dad.

Always there for whatever his children needed.

And, now....he's a good Grandfather.
Pop...the Grands know he can easily be wrapped around a finger.

The next generations of Fathers.

The guy on the far left, is our son.
He's a great Father, too.
Always showing up for all the kids activities.  
They know they can count on him, whatever the situation.

And, our Son-in-Law.
Another hard-working man, who would do anything for his kids.
They know that Daddy is there for them, for always.


All these men...these Fathers...play a big role in my life.
I love each and every one.....today, and every day.

Happy Father's Day,
to Fathers Everywhere.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

And So It Begins...

Last year I told you about

The Great Ongoing Battle.

The battle between me and the squirrels, to see who gets the tomatoes.

Well....here we go again.

Earlier this year.

They're already attacking.

I looked out the window, and saw the 'decorations', on the top of the fence.

Clever, huh?

And, the little monsters darlings don't even eat it all!

So, I brought every one I thought would ripen, into the house.
There are more...but, you get the idea.

Some have started to ripen, already.

So much for VINE RIPENED.

Hula Girl is dancing for joy.  We have beaten those pesky squirrels...for now, anyway...
and, she gets to watch over the tomatoes.

Hope you're winning your Garden Battles.

Happy Gardening...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This and That....First Tuesday in June....

Welcome to June.

Seems we've fallen right into Summer.
Hot and Humid.

We did have some more rain, a few days ago.
Three quarters of an inch in the rain barrels.

It would be nice, if this rain every week or so would keep up.
I'm not going to count on it, though.

But, the plants are really loving it.

The Fenced Yard is doing better and better.

Things are beginning to fill in.

I'm hoping this combination lives up to my vision.

My plan is a lush FULL bed.

A lot of these plants are 'Deer Resistant'.

Not here!!!

At least they can't get to them through the fence.

This Lantana is in the front Island Bed.
So far, there are still blooms on it.
The deer don't seem to like the gold-colored blooms.
They do eat other colors.  At least the do in MY garden.
Other people in the neighborhood don't seem to have that problem.

The daylilies are beginning to bloom.

They're a little slower here.  I've always had evergreen daylilies before.
These are not.  Maybe that's the reason they're slower to bloom.

I'm liking this old, leaking fountain/planter.  It's taking off nicely.

I got two new Talavera pots, for Mother's Day.

My collection is growing.
In fact, I 'need' another one.  A dish size, for some small succulents.

I ran in to King's Feed, looking for one.
They didn't have what I want.  But, I did find a Peter's Purple Monarda.

It's a bit gangly.  But, some little new plants are there, too.
I bought two of these pots.  Now, I have to figure where to put them.
One will go here, where the Philippine Violet didn't make it.
The other one....I don't know yet. 

Now...what do I do with that two foot long stem?  Cut it back?

Yes, I got the joy of doing my civic duty.
See the summons no.?  That gave me good odds for NOT being chosen.
I came home early.

And, finally....everybody's got to believe in something.
I believe in OVER PLANTING pots.
But, hey...you don't have to wait as long to get that FULL look.

'Til next time....

Happy Gardening...