Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blending Blooms and Foliage...Again...

Again, I'm combining 
Garden Bloggers' Bloomday
Foliage Follow-up.

We've had some 'interesting' weather, lately.
87F one day, and down to freezing the next morning.

I'm hoping all this excitement is over.

I got out before the cold hit, to take photos.
Glad I did.  Some of the blooms were nipped.

See here's what we have.

The Crossvine is blooming.
Oh...this isn't mine.  This is our neighbor Elli's.

This is mine.

But, hey....two blooms are more than it's ever given us.

And, I have iris blooming.  
Thought this was supposed to be peach.
But, I'll take this pretty purple.

And, there are several white ones still blooming.

This Snapdragon volunteers each year.
Not where I would plant it. but it's pretty.
It's in a pot with pansies.

The little yellow violas have perked up.

Gulf Coast Penstemon

A newly planted Mystic Spires Salvia.

Our one rose...a red Knockout.

A Spiderwort I thought was gone.

Primrose Jasmine.

Jerusalem sage.
This is full of buds.  Love these Dr. Seuss-like blooms.

Now, for some foliage.

Mexican Feathergrass.

Agave Lophantha

Prickly Pear putting on new pads.

Yucca 'Color Guard'

The small Golden Barrel Cactus.

The large Golden Barrel Cactus.

Yep...that damage was fatal.
I think is was more the six hours under water, during the flood,
more than the cold.

And last, but not least...
new leaves and those lovely catkins (a.k.a. Brown Squigglies),
on the Live Oaks.

We've had the leaf drop...twice.
And, there is yellow pollen all over everything.
Next these little green things will turn brown,
and cover the ground, the outside furniture, the plants...

It's a mess. 
But, I still love the trees.

There is more here....especially foliage.
But, that's it for this time.

Be sure to visit Carol, at
for Bloomday, and
Pam at Digging.
for Foliage Follow-up.

'Til later...
Take care...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Iris Beauties....

My mother used to grow Iris.
They were the favorite spring flower for me, back then.

Their scent will always remind me of Easter, and my mother.

But, for all the time I've gardened, I never grew Iris.
I don't know why.  They're easy plants.

But, that is changing.
I bought one, when we moved here.  It hasn't done all that well.
But, last year, a couple of my fellow Austin area garden bloggers,
gave me some of their iris.  Bob, (I think) gave me some white
'Cemetery' Iris.  You know..the ones that have stood the test of time.
And, Jenny gave me a peach one.

I thought the latest cold snap had stopped the blooms for this year.
But, I've been surprised.  There are lots of buds, and the blooms are coming.

This is the first bloom.  Isn't she pretty?
One of Bob's Cemetery white ones.

I used it as my Project 365 photo of the day.

Another one in the Back Bed, was beginning it's showing.

We were forecast rain, so I picked the two blooms and brought them inside.
Didn't want them bruised.
They look so pretty, in a small vase.

We didn't get much rain.

These don't seem to have the heavy scent of my mother's iris.
But, I can still get that memory-invoking aroma.

Thanks to my friends, for sharing these beauties.

Now, this fall, I just may need to add to my collection.
Can't have too much of a good thing. ones and yellow ones and.....

'Til later...
Take care...

Friday, April 4, 2014


We moved out of March.

March was busy, here.

Beautiful days.
Which rain.

Glad to have plants that can handle some dry.

We enjoyed a visit to the winery, to pick up our 'shipment'.
If you join Driftwood Estate Winery's Spur Club,
you promise to buy a package of wine, every quarter.
Tough job....but, someone has to do it.

Miss Maggie made it to the beauty parlor.
We found a new groomer, and we really like her.
A dog needs to look good, when she's chasing squirrels.

We had a visit from these guys, again.
Another deer down.

We took a break from cleaning up, pruning back, and hauling rocks, dirt, and mulch,
to meet up with some friends, in Mississippi.

And, came home to more work.

Lots and lots of leaves.

The Live Oaks dropped most of their leaves, while we were gone.

So, raking and hauling ensued.
With more to come.

The weatherman says we have a good chance for rain, this weekend.
I sure hope he's right, this time.

So, I'll be donning my Spring fashions,
and getting more work done in the garden.

A garden is never 'done'.

'Til later...
Take Care...