Thursday, May 8, 2014

They're He-e-re.....

It has begun.

New little deer.  More mouths to feed.

Hard to catch sight of them right now.  They're very new.
But, they'll be braver, and the mommas will let them be seen
more, in a couple weeks.

Gotta admit...they're really cute.
Even if they'll be growing up, and eating my landscape.

'Til later...
Take Care...

Monday, May 5, 2014


You might not get as excited as we have, 
about something like this.

Some gardeners, though, will totally understand.

A few years ago...2011...we went on the
with some dear friends.

We did eleven wineries on the first day.
Two on the second day....for obvious reasons.

Each couple...I thought it should be EACH TICKET...received
a bare root grapevine.

We were the ones who had a garden.  So, we planted both.
Only one made it.

It did well.
Had nice leaves.  No grapes.

We finally pruned it, early this year.
And, these showed up.
Cute, huh?

These are the buds.

These are the blooms.
So cool!

Hopefully, those little green things will turn into grapes.

We'll never have a 'vineyard' to overlook,
like we do at Driftwood Estate Winery,
when we pick up our wine.

But, we're still excited to maybe have the chance for some grapes.

I'll keep you posted.

'Til later...
Take care...

Friday, May 2, 2014

Catching Up....

Wow!  May, already.
Time flies....well..when you're busy.

This year, my Blog anniversary fell on Easter.
And, you didn't hear a peep....har, har...

This is anniversary #5!
I have to say, I'm impressed that I've kept this up this long.

Things have changed here, over the years.
I'll do an update sometime soon.  Been too busy with MORE
clean-up.  This year seems worse than ever.

Blogging has let me meet so many nice and in person.

Some of the Austin garden bloggers, got together recently for a preview tour
of the Travis County Master Gardeners' 
Inside Austin Garden Tour.

(Thanks Pam Penick, for the group photo)

Without blogging, I would never have met all these great people.

I've learned a lot, from the bloggers I've met.
About gardening in Central Texas, photography, and just life in general.

So, I'll keep on reading.
And, try to keep up with posting.

Thanks to all of you who have welcomed me into your blogs.
You're welcome here, any time.

So, here's to more years of blogging.

Now...I need to get out there and do more clean-up.

Have a great weekend...