Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Yes...We've Been Away....

It's been along time, since we last met.

Last time, I showed you some nice new growth in the garden.
I was worried it was coming out too early.
I was right.

While we were gone, we had some cold weather.
How cold, I don't know.  But, it burned back things that had made it through
24 degree mornings in winter.

Where were we?

Well...headed west.  We had lovely weather that first day...lol

Saguaro National Park, Tuscon, AZ

But, we soon came out into the sun.
We were taking our time, getting to our destination...
seeing places we'd never seen before.

Closer and closer....the Pacific awaits us.

I just happened to look out the hotel window, as our ship came in.

We boarded and sailed away to Hawaii.

I'll have more on that later.

Meanwhile, back at home, the weeds and rye grass were getting a good hold.
The joys of living on a golf course.

I'm making some progress.  It's slow going.  There is a lot of grass.

But, I think Spring has sprung.
Time for new beginnings, in the garden.

Life is good.

Hope all is good where you are, too.

Happy Gardening...