Saturday, February 10, 2018

February Weather...

We've had some roller coaster weather here, lately. 

First, it's warm and spring-like. 
Then, wham!  
The bottom falls out, and it's freezing...literally. 

There are still some pansies blooming. 
They're not so crazy about the cold. 
They sometime get set back. 

But, the violas seem not to mind. 

Their smiling little faces just keep popping up.  
Sometimes they droop a bit, huddling together maybe, to conserve the heat. 
But some warm sun and they perk right up. 

We're about to have another blast of cold. 
Rain is what we need. 

At least, we're getting closer to spring, every day. 

Hope you're safe and warm. 

Happy Gardening...

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