Thursday, September 22, 2016

The First Day of Fall....

It's already Fall.
I'm hoping the weather around here
believes it.

We've been pretty warm....
for the last few weeks.
And, dry.

Ruby Chrystal Grass

The forecast is for cooler, wetter weather.
We'll see.

Caldium Pot

I haven't been keeping up with this blog too well,
this summer.

Autumn Joy Sedum

I mean...there hasn't been anything much going on here.

Hyacinth Bean

How many times can I whine to you,
about the heat, or the drought...

Inland Sea Oats

...or the floods, or the cold?


You've heard over and over,
about the ever present deer.


And the bugs!

Garlic Chives

Of course, nice things happen, too.


But, like news reports...
there's no drama in nice things.

Bee on Lantana

So...I run out of things to say.
Yes...even me.

Big leaf Jerusalem Sage...finally blooming.

But, me without something to say,
won't last long. 

I'll try to show up more often.

We did get a new weather station,
that I haven't shown you.

Kinda stands out, doesn't it?
Kinda self important?

It gives us all kind of information.

Look at the lower middle.  
That's the the guys on tv...
can't make up its mind.

Just hope that rainfall total goes up...
a little.

So...Welcome Fall.
We are SO ready for you here.

Happy Gardening...

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Definition of Insanity...

You've heard it.
"The definition of insanity,
is doing the same thing over and over again,
and expecting different results."
~~Albert Einstein

here I go again.
I'm about to clean up the garden,
getting ready to plant more seeds.
I'm going to try growing vegetables...

The squash bloomed all summer.
Not. One. Squash.

The okra blooms...
and makes pods.
One there...
never enough for a whole serving.

I won't give up!!

Seems maybe the definition of insanity,
is being a 
Patchwork Gardener.

Happy Gardening...