Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Beauty For Just a Day....

Daylily, Chicago Star.

Happy Gardening...

Friday, June 17, 2016

Father's Day....

There are lots of fathers, in my life.
Some gone, and some still with us.

The first father I knew was my Daddy.
He was a good man. A hard working man....
He loved to learn new things...have a good time.
And, fish.

And, there's my father-in-law.
Another good man. Another hard working man.
Fun, and funny...always ready for a good time.
And, fish.

Both are gone now. And, we all miss them.

And, this guy.
The one I see every day.
Another good man. Another hard working man.
He's also fun, and funny.
And, ALWAYS ready for a good time.

Another good man...hard working and always there for his family...
our Son.

And, our Son-in-Law...
another good, hardworking man...
there for his family.

I'm blessed, to have all these good men in my life...
past and present.

Seems we have an ongoing theme in this family...
good, hardworking men.

Good men....good good families.
We're all lucky to have them, in our lives.

to all the fathers out there...
all the Dads.

We love you all.

Happy Father's Day...

Friday, June 10, 2016

This and That on Friday...

Well...another week gone by.
This year, is flying.

We haven't had any real rain, for over a week.
I'm having to water...yes, water.
It's pretty amazing how fast things can dry out.

But, the creek is still flowing.

It comes across the cart path here, and the path gets really slippery.
But, it sounds nice. Here, and the waterfall, further down.

Kids have built another place for the water to make noise.

The Mexican Hats are beginning to take off.

And, the grasses.
I'm not a fan of Johnson Grass, unless it's on the other side
of Elli's Meadow. The seed heads are really pretty.
Especially, backlit with the sun.  

I ran up to our local garden/feedstore the other day,
for a few more plants. (can you have too many plants?)
 And, there looking like some
strange thing peeking at me, was this
Giant Silk Moth...
Antheraea polyphemus.
Really cool...and, about six inches across.

Never know what you'll find, at the garden center.

That's about all from here. Watering and weeding
have taken up the week.
And, I do believe Summer may be here.

Have a great weekend.

Happy Gardening...

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Passion in the Garden...

Passion Flowers, that is.

It seems to be a small theme, this year.

First, our daughter got one, for her new/old garden.

She texted me this picture.
It's the purple variety...but, a bit different than some I've seen.

So, when we were down there, she and I took a trip...two whole blocks...
to the local garden center, to get one for me.

No purple left.
So, I got a Scarlet Passion Vine.

I like it.
It's not as hardy, though. I may have to treat it like an annual.

Then...the other night, when I was doing the evening Garden Walk,
I noticed a bloom, on the fence in the Fenced Yard.

Small blooms...
I'd left this vine, when I cut things back on this fence.
I'm glad I did.

Turns out, it's a Wild Passion Vine.
Passiflora lutea.

The blooms are only the size of a quarter.
But, they're very interesting.

That vine has been on the fence for a couple years.
I never noticed any blooms.

Don't you love GOOD garden surprises?

And, I guess you could say we have more results of
"garden passion".

Yep...this year's crop, is showing up.

Hope you have a good weekend.
We're forecast MORE rain.

Happy Gardening...