Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy First Day of Spring....

Spring is here.
Says so, on the calendar.

There are signs, that it is true.

The Robins are showing up.

The Agarita is blooming.

And, the Does are eating for two...or three, or...

Do you have signs of Spring, where you are?

I sure hope so.

'Til later...
Take care...

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Wide Shot for Foliage Follow-Up...

I am way behind posting on here.

I'm late posting the
Wide Shot,
to share with Heather at 

But, since most of this garden is foliage,
I'll combine the Wide Shot with 
Foliage Follow-Up, with 

This winter, has made a mess of some plants, like this Sago Palm.
There's still some green, so hoping it'll perk up with new growth.

The same for this Foxtail Fern, on the porch.
I've left the frozen parts, for protection.  But, I think it's about time
to get them outta there.

There are some places on this Golden Barrel, that look a bit bad.
But, it's still firm.  This poor thing was under water, for about six hours,
when we had the Halloween Flood.
Along with the cold, I'm surprised it looks this good.

Other things look almost un-touched by Winter.

This 'prickly pear' could be the wave of the future,
in Central Texas gardens.
The Rosemary and Mexican Feathergrass, have held up really well.

We replaced the Color Guard Yuccas that had either washed away,
or been messed with, by the deer.  Deer love to pull things up.
That's why we have old tomato cages over these.

I found a Sotol at Natural Gardener, on sale.
The girl said it just had 'cosmetic damage'.
Hope she was right.  There was only ONE good root, when
we planted this.  Then, it blew over, with our 40 mph wind, after this photo.
Now, it also has a tomato cage.

The pansies are doing really well.

And, the Rose Jasmine has been blooming.

We got a new bird bath, that we nestled in a Gold Dust Acuba.
I like the colors together.

And, another bird feeder.  It's been getting a lot of business.

These bags say 'mulch' on the back.
But, these are 2 cubic foot bags of garden soil.
We spread 20 of them...along with some bags of compost.

I'm hoping that Spring will really arrive soon, and I can stop taking
these in and out of the garage.

And, finally...
guess who needs to go to the beauty parlor.
It's been too long.

That's what's going on here.
Be sure to visit Heather and Pam, for more good gardens.

And, oh...

Can anyone tell me what this is?
There are several coming up.  I'd say Texas Persimmon.  But, these have been green all winter.
Texas Persimmon doesn't stay green....the mature trees, anyway.
The acorn is to show the size of the leaf.

Hope you're having a good weekend.

'Til later...
Take care...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

This and That....

It's been a while, since I posted.
It's been busy around here.

Lots of weeding and cleaning up, getting ready for Spring.

We had some out-of-town guests, and took them over to see 

Then we ended up in Gruene, for an early dinner.
Can't go there, without going to Gruene Hall.

We had this little guy come into the yard, one morning.
He was acting a bit strange.  Not aggressive...just like he felt bad.
He rested a while and then went off.  We thought he was ok.
Later, Animal Control (I wasn't even aware we HAD Animal Control here) came.
They went down to the creek with a cage.  Then they came back up with him inside.
I'm hoping they helped him.

We got the privilege of replacing the water heater.
Luckily, it only flooded the front porch, through the overflow pipe.

I couldn't help myself, and after a few days of 70s and 80s,
my daughter and I went to some garden centers, and I planted.
Mostly some 'Color Guard' Yuccas and some rosemary.
But, also some geraniums.

Silly me!
I forgot to cover the geraniums, and they froze.
So, I can buy and plant them again.

Such pretty, warm days, make you feel like the cold is over for good.

The Red admirals were flitting around everywhere.

We had some dense fog, the first day of March.
It was warm and humid.

Then, ANOTHER cold front.
We went from 75F to 25F, in just a few hours.

Out on the porch,
we have a fountain, that the birds love to come to.

Standing there, looking out into the Grove,
this little Titmouse came for a drink...not two feet away.
He didn't notice when I moved to take his picture.
They're usually very timid.

We were lucky enough to miss the ice that they got to the east and north of us.
We did get some hail, and sleet, and enough rain to bring us to .75 inches, for the year.

All in all, except for this yo-yo weather, it's been a good year, so far.

I've been doing good, with my
Project far.
The photos here, are for that.  I've been posting them on my
Photo Blog, and Flickr feed.

That takes up a bit of time, editing, etc.

So, that's what's happening here.
Have you been getting ready for Spring?
It is coming.
I promise.

'Til later...
Take care...