Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy First Day of Spring....

Spring is here.
Says so, on the calendar.

There are signs, that it is true.

The Robins are showing up.

The Agarita is blooming.

And, the Does are eating for two...or three, or...

Do you have signs of Spring, where you are?

I sure hope so.

'Til later...
Take care...


  1. Lovely picture and those are some wonderful signs of Spring. Love the picture of the Robin, we don't get to see them here in SA. Happy Spring:)

  2. Beautiful spring pictures, we don't have Does here and I do not know the Agarita, not only the flowers are pretty but the foliage is interesting too. We have lots of spring signs too, birds are singing their songs early in the morning, Magnolias, Camellias, springbulbs and primulas are flowering earlier then ever.

  3. Lovely post. I'm jealous of your robins. Don't know if I saw even one this year.

    Pregnant doe, oh no! I gave a talk at the library near Canyon Lake recently and residents told me deer eat virtually everything in their landscapes except rosemary, even plants that seem immune here, like Texas betony.

  4. Beautiful signs that spring is really on the way. Can we have some rain with it please?

  5. A sure sign of spring for me is when wild birds start nesting in my greenhouse. As soon as I start leaving the windows open, they move right in. A Carolina wren is the latest mommy bird to raise her babes in the protection on one of my potted plants. Spring has sprung.

  6. Oh, no! That deer looks like she could really do some damage - eating for so many! ;) I saw my first robin yesterday - kind of late, as I think spring is already here. I hope you got some rain (and no hail) yesterday. It passed over us with not a drop one, but no hail, either, so I'm thankful for that. I'll have to look up agarita - I don't know this plant, and it looks quite beautiful.


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