Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Busy Days....

It's been busy around here.  We've been finishing up some redo's inside.
It's been three years.  Think maybe it was time?
So, the outside has had to wait.

I did get out yesterday, and survey some of the things that need doing.

Hmmm....I need to get those stepping stones to the faucet set down.

But, the front beds are looking good.

I'm very glad we got these done before too much more heat sets in.

Some of the Autumn Sage, in the Island Bed, are beginning to bloom.  This was supposed to be red.
It'll clash with the 'Hot Lips'....but, hey...more color.

We're just very pleased, with how much better it looks out front.

In the back, the Jerusalem Sage is starting to bloom.  Love those yellow flowers.

Next to it, is a red Autumn Sage.  It's beginning it's bloom.
I'm thinking I'll be moving this.  It's getting swallowed up by the Jerusalem Sage.
I have another bed in the plans.
No, it never ends.....

My camera does not like to take pictures of red flowers...ugh
This Autumn Sage has been blooming for a while.  I need to cut it back....but, it looks so nice.

We did get a new bed put in here.  This is where the wood pile was. I never liked it.
So, we moved the wood to a place beside the Veggie Garden, and put this in.
I moved some Twist Leaf Yucca from the Deer Grove.  And, moved a Salvia guaranitica from another area.  And, the pot of Dusty Miller came from somewhere else, too.
I think it'll work.

This Spiderwort I moved from outside the fence, is finally putting on some blooms.
It was eaten to the ground every year...so, this will be a better spot.  
If it spreads, that's ok, too.

The Plumbago that wintered in this pot, is looking good.  Those Snap Dragons in the pot in back, have not bloomed.  They had blooms when I brought them home.  But, no more since those died back.
Not sure why that is.  

I got some Begonias into containers, and baskets.  They should do better than Impatiens, if it gets really dry again this year.
They need less water.

I never tire of this bright green lettuce, in the Talavera pot.
But, it's about to be too hot for it.  So, I'll have to come up with something else for summer.

Over on the other side of the house, the Rock Bed needs some weeding.
This rosemary is looking really good this year....it's third year.

This Prickly Pear, that I moved from the Deer Grove year before last, seems to like where it is.
I thought when those little green things started to swell, that they were bloom buds.
Looks like they're new pads.

In the Veggie Garden, the Cilantro is blooming.  At first I thought those black things were seeds.
But, look close...they're bugs.  Not sure what kind...they're tiny.

The Brussels Sprouts plants look great.  No sprouts, though.

One of the two grape vines we got on the last year's  Wine & Wildflower Trail, is looking good.
The other one didn't make it.

The Swiss Chard has been doing a good job.

The sugar snap peas have been making a lot.  We've been enjoying these.

This looks like powdery mildew.  Not sure.
But, it's almost time for these to come out anyway.

This is what I'm doing today.  Getting weeds out AGAIN.
Then, I'll plant the tomatoes that have been going in and out, depending on the cold.
Hopefully, there are no more cold nights ahead.

When you garden, there is always something to do.
What are you up to today?

Happy Gardening...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Black Gold....

Black Gold...
Not of the 'crude' type.  But, of the leaf type.

Before the rains, I raked off the top layer in the compost bin.  Moved all those un-rotted leaves.  
The ants were not too happy with me.  They've made several nests in there.
It's their job....to break down matter.  But, they surely didn't want my presence,
and let me know about it.

I uncovered what I was looking for.

  I managed to get three cartloads of this good stuff.
I don't screen it.  Just take out the sticks and other things that don't work out so well.

I used this to top dress plants in the fenced yard.   It makes great mulch, 
and feeds the plants naturally.  The plants love it.  The worms love it.
And, I love it.

Black Gold...Leaf Mold
It's a good thing.

Have a Great Weekend...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Water, Water....

We got more rain!
There was no water coming over the cart path, Monday afternoon.

Then, Monday night...or rather, EARLY Tuesday morning...the storms came.
LOTS of noise and a terrific light show.
And, two more inches of rain.

Not all that much.  But, it came fast, and with the ground already saturated, 
there was a lot of run off.

The Falls are roaring.

Did I hear you say....this woman is obsessed with this creek?
Well...yes, she is.  It is so nice to have it running....to HEAR it running.

But, we'll move on.

Look at the low-water bridge on Cypress Creek.

It wasn't impassable...you can still see the little curbs on each side.

But, it's really flowing.  See that bid log, wedged between that little island and the bridge?
It was washed down the creek.

This is really some powerful water.

Did I hear you say....we've seen this bridge before...more than once?

OK....So, we headed over to see what the Blanco River was doing.
Here is the crossing beside our neighbor Elli's daughter's B&B.

You can't see the bumper curbs.  No crossing here.
This is the kind of water that can pick you up, and carry you away.

This is the kind of water, coming over that edge, that pushes you under, 
and tosses you around.

This peaceful river, which has been so low that you could walk across the dry, rocky bottom
is now a powerful force to behold.

Maybe it is an obsession.  But, I never tire of the power of water....
to calm or to cause fear.  But, to always, always respect.

You have to pay attention to what is there.  Know which kind of crossing you have.
If you can't tell, then don't risk it.  

Remember to take heed.  Don't take that risk.   

Turn Around, Don't Drown...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Didn't Share....

Remember just the other day, on Bloomday, I showed you the beautiful red flowered strawberry?

Remember the bonus of a big red berry?  Others are coming.  
But, I figured Mr. P and I would just share this very first one.
Just waiting for it to get completely ripe.

But, no!  Somebody got there first!!

I'm not sure who it was. 
 A raccoon would've taken the whole thing, and left no evidence.
A bird would've left a hole in it, where he pecked it.
I'm thinking it's probably a squirrel.  Took a big bite, and left the rest.

Could it be he meant to share?

I better keep an eye on the other ones.

Happy Gardening...

Friday, March 16, 2012

Foliage Follow-Up...March 2012

Today, we join Pam at Digging, for
Foliage Follow-Up.

If you've visited here before, you know that foliage is my favorite.
Don't get me wrong...I LOVE flowers.
But, they're like the whipped cream on the hot fudge sundae.....
delicious, but the REAL part is the ice cream and fudge.

That container above, of Dusty Miller has been going strong for about a year.
Love it.  The neighbors stop to look at it.
Deer don't ever touch it.
It's a keeper.

Another keeper is Liriope.  I don't think I could garden without it.

And, it's cousin Aztec Grass.  These get hit a bit harder with cold, but still a great performer.
They're both inside the fence.  Deer like them.

This Silver Ponyfoot is filling out.  Also inside the fence.
It's supposed to be 'deer resistant'.  But, they ate all of it out of the container ON the front porch,
right by the front door.  Don't believe all the 'deer resistant' claims...especially in this neighborhood.

This Candy Lily has been left alone by deer.  But, it's moving to the fenced yard.
That's where it did the best here.  So, it's coming full circle, and back where it started.

The Cannas are peaking out.  Remember this striped leaf one?  It had that glorious orange/yellow bloom.

This burgundy leafed one didn't bloom last summer.  It's supposed to be red.
The yellow ones and the coral and rose ones are peaking up, too.

Chrysanthemum pacifica has unremarkable blooms.  But, the foliage is really nice.

In the new Driveway Bed, is almost all foliage.
Mexican Feathergrass, Yucca, Agave, Artemisia...it's looking good.

The same goes for the Island Bed.  A few blooms on an Autumn sage adds a bit more color.
But, the stars are the foliage.

The Front Bed has all foliage.  There was a place on the outside where an old tree had been cut down, and the little bit of stump tripped me every time I walked by.  We just couldn't get it down low enough.
What's a girl to do?  Bump the bed out more, that's what.
More room for plants....Rosemary and more Mexican Feathergrass.
I may end up with a FOREST of Mexican Feathergrass...love that stuff.
Would it be a forest?...hmmm....

This little mossy succulent hangs in there year after year.  I got a tiny piece from a friend years ago,
and brought it to this new garden, when we moved.  I can't remember the name.
Anyone know?

The Feverfew are putting on new growth.  They've been hanging on for a couple years, now.
No blooms, though.  I moved one over to the sunny side of the yard.  Maybe it'll bloom this year.

The Inland Sea Oats are leafing out.  They didn't get cut back like they should have.  So now, I'll have to do it more carefully.  I was told they would reseed a lot.  There are maybe three new plants.
I'm hoping it'll do better this year.  It's supposed to fill the space where it is.
There are three original ones.

Purple Heart is one of those reliable foliage plants.
They really add some color to all those shades of green.

I planted this cabbage in a flowerbed.  It makes a nice foliage plant.  I don't think we'll get a head of cabbage from it.  The weather is warming up too fast.  But, the leaves look nice.

I'll leave you with another vegetable that makes a good foliage plant.
Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights'.

The leaves are a rich, dark green....but, look at those neon bright stems.
Beautiful....and, delicious.

There are more foliage plants around here.  Foliage comes in all colors, and shapes, and textures.
I just love foliage.

Don't forget to head over to Pam's for more great foliage.

Happy Gardening...