Thursday, September 21, 2017

Mother Nature....


Mother Nature's been pitching quite the
Hissy Fit, lately.

Fires in the West and Northwest.

Earthquakes in Mexico.

And, hurricane's....lots of hurricanes.

It's been years, since we were in Mexico City 
or San Juan, Puerto Rico.

But, just his last spring, we were in 
St. Thomas and Dominica.

We took back to back Caribbean cruises.

We went to St. Thomas on each cruise.

It's a fairly dry island.  There are no natural rivers, and it might not rain for months.

Ironically named, Water Island sits in the middle of the bay.  See the big cacti?

Magan's Bay

The island depends on desalinization of sea water,
which supports a bigger population, as well as the 
vital tourist industry.

More people means more buildings.  And, when hurricanes come, 
more things to damage.

Photos I've seen show major damage....and, almost no green left.
Trees completely stripped.

Very sad...

Dominica was on our second cruise...the one where Mr. P had the flu.

So, we didn't tour the island.

We did get off, and shopped right at the port.

Back on the ship, we could see quaint, colorful houses, along the water.
Colorful, but not very sturdy.

I'm thinking these houses are no longer standing.

Dominica took a direct hit from Category Five Maria.
There is massive destruction there.

We were told that it rains somewhere on the island, every day.
This was our view as we sailed away.

These islands depend on tourism for their living.
Let's hope they can get back up and running very soon.

I know they'll give it a great try...
just like here in the States...Texas, Louisiana and Florida.
The fire ravaged West.
And, people in Mexico.

We have hope...and, faith.
We've booked a cruise next fall, to go back to these islands
Mr. P missed.

It's time for Mother Nature to settle herself down.

Have a good, and safe weekend.

Happy Gardening...

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Stormy Weather...

We've had some stormy weather, here in Texas.

Brought to us by a guy named Harvey.

We had some wind...
and 18 inches of rain!

But, it was slow...over two no flooding here.

A lot of it soaked into our SO-DRY soil.
But, enough ran off to make the creek flow again.
That's a lot of water.

Our daughter lives a little over 100 miles southeast of us.

They were inside the center circulation, for three days.
LOTS of wind.  They lost a few trees.
And, over 30 inches of rain!

The trash can saved the fence.

But, miraculously, they had no damage to their 100+ year old house.

And, there was beauty, under the debris.

They've gathered up supplies, and have a pallet of water, to take to those less fortunate.

The jeep looked worse than this...
before they got back from the first trip over to Corpus Christi.  

Horrible monsters, making things even more miserable.

We've greened up here.  Amazing how fast we've gone from dead,
to back to life again.

There are people whose lives will never be the same again.
Towns all along the Texas Coast, almost wiped away.
Towns who don't make the news.

But, Texans are tough...
and, stubborn.
They don't give up easily.

Another monster is bearing down on America.
Let's all pray for the people in it's path...
and hope it doesn't make it all the way.

Stay safe....

Happy Gardening...