Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder….

8-10 evening gang
Sometimes I wonder, why I think I can have a garden, outside a fence.

8-10 evening gang 2
This is partly my fault.  Instead of putting veggie scraps in the compost…where they forage it out, anyway….I threw it out in the grove…a little farther from the house.

8-10 evening gang 3
It didn’t take long for the word to go out…’There’s food and drink,  over there at Patchwork Garden.’

8-10 evening gang 4
These are our ‘regulars’.  But, they don’t usually come all at once.  I think Mr. P. counted twenty six.

Oh, well…..we just have to learn to live together.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blooms and Foliage…

hyacinth bean 2
Hyacinth Bean
Late again.  I missed both the Garden Bloggers Bloomday and the Foliage Follow-up day.  But, I thought I’d show up, anyway.
It’s been hot…..and dry.  This time of year, in Central Texas, there isn’t much blooming.  This month has the usual suspects.

The bougainvillea likes the heat.

butterfly weed 2
So does the Butterfly Weed.

‘Seniorita Rosalita’ Cleome is still going strong.  She’s been a real performer.  I’ll be getting another one, next year.
coral impatiens
The impatiens are happy, as long as they get enough to drink.

diamond frost
This is the only ‘Diamond Frost’ euphorbia that survived the deer attack.  It’s doing well.

Periwinkle is a good performer.  It can stand the heat and THE DEER DON’T LIKE IT.

snow on the mountain
Another one the deer don’t like.  This is a euphorbia that grows wild in the meadow and along the creek.  It’s ‘Snow on the Mountain’.  A pretty flower, and about the only thing that was alive out there last year.

inland seaoats
Foliage is pretty much the same as last month, too.  The Inland Seaoats are looking good.

cuban oregano
I really like the Cuban Oregano.  This stuff is super easy to propagate from cuttings.

lamb's ear
Good old standby Lamb’s Ear is hanging in there.  Some out by the back gate was destroyed  by Armadillos.
It’s a constant battle with wildlife here.

castor bean
The Castor Bean is growing.  It’s way behind some others I’ve seen.  I hope it blooms and I get seeds for next year.

caladium 2
This is my favorite caladium.  I don’t know if these will hold over for next year, or if I’ll have to replant .  I’m hoping they hold over, and I can just add to them, next spring.

primrose jasmine
There is a lot more going on here.  But, that can wait for another day.
I’ll leave you with a picture of Rose Jasmine.  Inside that huge mass, are electricity meters and a power box.  Years ago, our neighbor Elli planted these to hide those things along the property line.  It worked.
These plants are popular in this neighborhood.  They’re evergreen, and
Some of my favorite kind of plants.
If you'd like to see more Garden Bloggers Bloomday posts, visit Carol at May Dreams Garden. And, for more Foliage Follow-up, visit Pam at Digging.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Points of View...

August in Texas.  That means, it's hot and it's dry.  

It's funny.  You plant things and tend them, day after day.  You don't always remember just how far you've come.  Sometimes, you just have to sit down and take time to SEE the garden.

The view from those chairs above, really has changed this year.

Here it is in April.  New bed, new plants....just starting out.

And, here it is now.  Not much blooming, but it has grown.

Looking to the right, in April.

Looking to the right now.

The bed along the fence, April.

And, now.

Front fence bed, April.

Front fence bed, now.

When I look at it from that point of view, I can see that there really has been some progress. 

A constant battle to keep things going, in the heat.  But, worth it, after all.

Then, there are these guys.  Do they look like they're conspiring, to you?  Are they plotting what to chomp next?  Another garden battle, to fight.

But, we keep on trying to co-exist.  Eilean brings her babies here, everyday.  The bucket is for the babies.  Even though they're losing their spots, they still can't reach the water in the birdbath.

Viewing things from this point....things are pretty fine.

Have a great weekend.

Happy Gardening...


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Soft Summer Night...

We're members of the wine 'club', at Driftwood Estate Winery.  With the membership, you are required to purchase a quarterly collection of three bottles of a discount.  It's a tough job.  But, somebody has to do it.

As an appreciation, they host a 'Pick Up Party'.  A free glass of wine, some munchies, and entertainment.

The view is wonderful.  The party is always after business hours....which lets you enjoy the sunset.

A bit of live music.

Looks like someone...far away... may have gotten some relief from the heat.

Then, the grand finale.  Another lovely evening.....

Hope yours, was just as nice.