Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Gotta Get Away....

We're still having our yo-yo weather here.  Warm up for a few days, then wham!....cold, again.
You can't get used to one, before the other takes over.

Well....we're tired of this.  So....

We're getting on this.....

....and, heading for here.

Ten days of fun and sun....or, maybe rain.  Part of this is a rain forest, after all. 
So, I should have lots of interesting plants and critters for show and tell, when we get back.

The garden here is still in it's winter sleep.  Neighbors and family will watch over things....maybe water the pansies...while we're gone.

Stay warm...we'll see you when we get back.

Happy Gardening...

Friday, January 14, 2011

On a Winter's Day....

In the last post, I showed you the Deer Grove, on a sunny day.  This week we had our 'Artic Blast'.  It wasn't exactly Artic-y....more just cold and damp.

When that happens, the deer hang out in the Grove even more than usual.  They like to lay in the grass.

It must be warmer there, in the thick grass on the ground.

Of course, when we whine about the cold, our daughter in North Dakota chuckles.  Even the fog freezes up there.  It makes a beautiful winter scene....but it's COLD.

And, they've had a little snow.  There are few hills, in their town.  But, the snow plow leaves a nice sledding hill, on the corner.  Our North Dakota grandkids take good advantage of that.

We're wimps, when it comes to real cold.  It's hard to imagine the cold they tell us about....brrrrr....

It's good we live in Central Texas, where the 'Aritic Blasts' come very seldom and don't last long.  We can enjoy life outside, without layers and layers of clothes.

Miss Nosy, here, came to see what I was up to.  I bet she's glad she lives in Central Texas and not in northern North Dakota.

Wherever you are, stay warm.  Have a good weekend, and...

Happy Gardening...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another New Year...

Here we are, in another new year.  I hope your holidays were good.

I've been negligent about bloggin lately.  The last few weeks have been pretty busy.  And, there's the fact that the garden here has been pretty sad.  We have had some really cold mornings here.  So, most of our garden is looking bare. 

The grasses in the Deer Grove have turned brown, and been trampled by the ever present deer.

The Deck Bed, that was so alive in August.... looking pretty bare right now.

The bed along the fence in August....

...and, now.

The beautiful Plectanthus 'Mona Lavendar' , then....

...and, now.

But, there's hope.  Still some green in the Indigo Spires in the fence bed.

And, the Pineapple sage in the Deck Bed.

Aztec grass holds up to the cold.

And, though it droops some, so does Liriope.

The Feverfew is still bright.

The Cast Iron plants look good.

Even though you'll note I've been too lazy busy, to get it in the ground.

My Mother's Day planter has changed from summer to a winter look.

I like this Autumn Fern.  The ones on the front porch have never looked this good.  But, I think there will be more added to the garden this year.

New bird accessories from the grandchildren for Christmas.  A roosting basket and hummigbird feeder.

 With this cute little upside down umbrella, to fill with water to keep ants away from the feed.

Last year's birdhouse gift has been busy all year.

Even today, there are more sparrows in residence. 

We have an 'Artic Blast' coming next week.  Our recent lows of 20 will look warm, I'm afraid.
So, we'll be moving some more things into the garage, for safe keeping.  Wish I had dug that Plectanthus up and moved it to the garage.....

But, the trusty pansies will stand the cold.  They're amazing, aren't they.

I hope your New Year is going well.

Stay warm...and

Happy Gardening...