Monday, October 3, 2016


Wow! This year is flying by.

At least, it FEELS like fall now.

We had a 'cold' front come through.
It brought us some rain...
five inches, in two days, here.

We needed it.
AND, the lower temperatures.
You can stand to work outside.

The Big Muhly, Mulenbergia lindheimeri, has really taken off this year.

I love those bloom plumes. 
It's about six feet tall.

All that growth had swallowed up this Barberry 'Tangelo',
I planted last fall.

So, I moved it out to better sun and room.

It's supposed to be orange.  I hope it does that, in its new spot.

That's all I have today.
Just checking in.

Now, back to work.
I have some other things to move.

Hope the weather's nice, where you are.

Happy Gardening...