Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This and That...

Well...the roller coaster weather is still here.

The last week, it’s been warm enough to sit
on the porch, in the evening. 

Even with the drizzle and fog, it’s been nice. 
And, the frogs are out and singing their songs. 

This could be some of the reason. 

We finally had some real rain. 
The runoff put some water in the pond,
behind the house. 

A lot of things are as happy as the frogs. 

The rosemary...which is picky about blooming here..
has some blooms. 


And, even an iris is blooming. 

And, Primrose Jasmine. 

And, weeds. They love the gravel...and the rain. 

Oh well...
You can’t have everything. 

We’re promised more rain. 
But, who knows WHAT the weather will do. 

Happy Gardening...

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  1. It has been wonderful to have some much needed rain even if it does mean weeds and mosquitoes-I'm sure they will be arriving for you soon. The rosemary blooms have been particularly good this year and I'm looking forward to my first iris bloom.


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