Thursday, April 29, 2010

Making Some Progress...Update #2

We're making more progress here, at Patchwork Garden.  It's been slow going...digging the grass out...amending the soil...and then putting in plants.  A lot of the plants are babies....four inch pots.  But, they're beginning to grow.

July, 2008

There have been many changes to this yard, since the day we made an offer on this house.  I posted about some of the step by step progress, a while back.  We put in a fence, to keep the deer out, and the dog in.  Then, we put in The Rio, to help with the drainage problem.

It's not a big fenced area, as gardens go.  But, it's enough for us.  We didn't want the very back of the house fenced, because we like the open view.  And, this will surely be enough to take care of.  Especially, when you add in the areas outside the fence.

July, 2008
There wasn't much definition to this yard, when we first saw it.  In fact, pretty much NO definition.  But, there was some potential.

Now, when I sit down to rest and contemplate, there is a bit more to the view.

I can sit in the shade, and admire all that work.  Soon, I might not be able to see through the fence.  If they do what they're supposed to do, these plants will block the view.

There's always more work to be done.  And, I'm hoping these plants all get enough sun.

I guess, time will tell.  Patience, is not one of my strong suits.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Hi Linda,

    I have to say that I absolutely love your fencing. The natural wood posts are just beautiful. Now, I usually don't get excited about fences, but your is the exception ;-)

  2. Looks great and your tipsy pots are a whimsical touch :)

  3. That fence is very nice, it looks like it would keep out some pesky varmints and it is attractive to boot!
    I like seeing the progress you have made!

  4. Oh Linda, it all looks great! I love seeing before and after shots. You must be very proud. At least I would be! I like starting with 4" pots myself. They work just as well in the long run. I'm always envious of your beautiful live oaks. :-)

  5. Hi, everyone..
    Yes, we love our fence. It's a popular style around here. It just seems to belong, in the Hill Country.
    There's been a lot of digging going on, to make these beds.

    Jean~~As you probably know from living here, the trees are great....EXCEPT in the spring...first the leaves, then the pollen. But, the absolute worse is those stringy things that cover everything. Might not be SO bad, except our furry little garden helper likes to roll in the grass. She gets covered with it, and you can't brush it off. You have to pull them off, one at a time. I'm VERY ready for them to be gone.

    Thanks to listening to THAT rant. Actually, we LOVE it here.

  6. That is such a neat fence. I've noticed it in other posts, but never really saw the whole thing. I bet you love looking back at old pictures of your yard and seeing all the improvements you've made. It really looks great!

  7. Love seeing your updates. You've done a lot of since last year. And next year you won't be able to remember when the plants were only 4".

    We're just out of the Smokies and I'm catching up. It was a pleasure to see your thoughtful comments at Hill Country Mysteries.

  8. Yes, that is a great fence! But I'm really impressed with all you've done in such a short time. Those little plants will grow, under cutie-pie Maggie's supervision!

  9. Catherine~~We do like our fence. Gives us protection, without blocking the view. I like to see long shots of gardens. Close up photos of plants are really nice, but I like to see how they work in the overall picture. You show the whole picture a lot. I like that.

    Kathleen~~Hope you had a good time in the Smokies. That's one place I've never been, but would like to see. I've heard it's beautiful.

    Linda~~Yes...lots of work. I want it down to just maintenance, by the time the heat really hits.
    As for cutie-pie Maggie, she needs to go to the beauty parlor. All this lovely stuff that's falling from the oaks, sticks to her fur. It's a mess. Hope it's finished SOON.


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