Monday, April 12, 2010

Noonday Sun….

deer in grove 4-12-10

Looking out across the back, from the deck, you can see just how green it is this year. The grasses and wildflowers, have really responded to the fall and winter rains.

The grass doesn’t look all that tall…until you look a little closer….there, in the shade. There, along the edge of the Deer Grove, and Elli’s Meadow…..

deer in grove  4 4-12-10

…See someone peeking out?

deer in grove  3 4-12-10

There…….that’s reason we call this the Deer Grove. I don’t think they’re hiding.

deer in grove  2 4-12-10

After all….they’ll strike a pose, for you.


  1. Oh, how wonderful! You would never know the grass is that long until you see how it almost conceals the deer.

  2. {:-o No kidding! That is incredible. I just love that photo. It's entirely adorable. Of course I don't have deer eating my garden so I can say that. I just thought it was a lovely grassy meadow. I'm going back to look at the pictures again. Hehe

  3. The deer are beautiful animals...but, they can be pests.

    With all the rain we've had, they have more to eat in the groves and meadows. So far this spring, they haven't been as bad about eating my plants. Or maybe, I've finally hit on some things they don't like. They still pull things up, sometimes.

    I guess you can't have everything.

  4. I love all the photos of your place and your Deer Grove! It makes me want to just hang out there. Looks like you got some lovely wildflowers this year. So, so pretty. Makes me want to move back to Texas this minute!

  5. Please tell me they're lying down in the first two photos.

    We've noticed the same, that the deer aren't haunting us like last year. My garden is grateful. Last year I had to Bobbex my standing cypress every 4 weeks or so to keep them off it.

    Great pictures!

  6. Precious! Your place always looks so peaceful. . .and those wonderful surprises really make it perfect.

  7. Hi...

    Jean...I always think Texans should come back to where they belong..haha

    Kathleen...Yes, they are lying down. How scary, if they weren't.

    Linda...It is peaceful here. Moving from the city (DFW), to here was quite a difference. The silence was deafening, for a while.

    We love it here....even with the garden challenges.

  8. Great shots. The deer annoy the heck out of me, but when they're in your yard, Linda, they're pretty cute. ;-)


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