Friday, April 23, 2010

Did Someone Say Yard Art???

Well, yes, someone did.  Kathleen over at Hill Country Mysteries, challenged us to show her our yard art. 

So, I got out there and took some pictures of our yard art.  Are you ready?
Are you sure?

At our old house, it really felt like we had a lot of this 'art'.  That was a smaller garden.

Here, it doesn't seem so very much.

My late sister-in-law, thought we had too much.  She didn't have much appreciation for fine garden 'art'.

I have to say....I do appreciate it.  Maybe a bit too much.

I don't discriminate.  There are wooden things....


Everyone needs a chainsaw eagle...don't you think?

There is metal.

There is plenty of 'whimsey'....a pot foot...

holding up a vintage copper window box liner.

Ladybug plant stakes...

...that glow in the dark.

There is concrete...

There is glass.

This is our newest piece of art.

The everblooming bottle tree.

A lot of these pieces, are on the porch.  Does that make it 'Porch Art' and not 'Yard Art'?  Does it matter?

There's more.  But, I think I'll stop here.  It doesn't really look like 'Sanford and Son' here.
And, I'm sure there will be additions to the 'collection'.

You just never know, what you'll see next....and, it just might have to go home with you.

I bet you garden is Artful, too.

Happy Gardening...


  1. Linda, You have a great collection. And as far as I am concerned there is never too much yard art, just too little appreciation.

    My favorite is the glass piece. I am feeling that I want one... really bad.

  2. The copper windowbox is sensational, esp. with the minimalist planting you have in it. Well done.

    Christine in Alaska

  3. I love this! We start with plants and then start "furnishing" outdoors with special accents. It truly makes your garden your very own. Thank you for great inspiration.

  4. Thanks everybody for dropping by.

    Lifeshighway~~The glass thing came from 'The Living Desert', on Hwy. 71, across from the Hillcountry Galleria, in Austin. It's a funky little place, with lots of cacti, and slag glass....the owner is really interesting. He does know a thing or two about cacti.
    BTW, I've visited your blog. It's really cool. Yard art is really in the eye of the beholder.

    Christine~~I like a little order in the garden. Funny, it's about the only place there is order, in my life.

    Linda~~It's so hard not to completely overdo it with 'art'. It does say a bit about the gardener.

    Have a great weekend, everyone. Weekends are always our busiest times.....

  5. I love your yard art. I have the same dragonfly stake. I have to pace myself with the "whimsy" for my garden, sometimes I wonder if I have too much. I think the tree face is really cute, my kids would love something like that.

  6. Hi Linda~~ You know what I love about yard art? Stuff that looks undeniably tacky indoors is right at home in the garden. I also love that you can spend a lot of money for finer [Garland Nursery] stuff or a few bucks at a garage sale for more "primitive" re-purposed pieces.

    Dang. Now I've got the Sanford & Son tune stuck in my head. LOL That tree face really is a striking resemblance.

    I hope the sale is going well. Plans to come today were thwarted by mom duties but I'm hoping tomorrow works, if there's anything left...

  7. I goofed, Linda. Sorry. I'll blame my blunder on the lateness of the hour. The last paragraph and the earlier reference to Garland were meant for another blogger. My bad. I'd better go to bed before I really embarrass myself. Happy weekend.

  8. Wow! You have such a great collection of yard art. I really need to get started on collecting some for myself. All I have is a windchime...

  9. Linda, what a collection! So tickled you followed up and showed yours!! And thanks for the link, always fun to be associated with great posts by great folks.

    Your pigs and talavera were my favorites.

    We're in the Smokies for a week. Have to travel to get internet. Will check in on Pathwork when I get a chance.


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