Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Remember the other day, when I showed you my precious, single Bluebonnet bloom? 

Remember how proud I was of my beautiful Bluebonnet?

Remember that I told you, the deer like to hang out in Elli's Meadow and the Deer Grove?

Well......this is what my precious Bluebonnet looks like now.

Is this that Fall that cometh after the Pride?

Remember how you all said how cute the deer are?

Well....I guess they are. 

But, what's up with them eating Bluebonnets?

I'm trying to remember that I vowed to get along with them.



  1. OMG. Those old varmints. All that green there to eat and they get your Blue Bonnet. I have an awful time with deers and lilies.That is such a shame Linda.

  2. Oh My Goodness!!!

    I want to cry along with you...

    At least they will live on in your pictures....

  3. I've heard that they will eat bluebonnets. But really, what won't they eat, given enough chances? I take it back, Linda: they're not cute, even in your garden.

  4. Grrr...those %$%#*@#$!

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
    Ok. I still think their cute. What can I say? I have a soft spot for evil. At least you saved that precious innocent BlueBonnet in digital eternity for all of us to enjoy. Next time maybe you should cage it after you take the picture. ;-)

  5. This is the 3rd site I have landed on today that have had write ups on Blue Bonnets....I was just thinking that after seeing all these gorgeous pictures that i would need to start a patch of them here on our property but...we have deer too!!

  6. Thanks, everybody. I'll get over it...just like I did all the other stuff they chomped.

    I'll plant more next year...and then spray with repellant, when/if they bloom. They didn't eat any foliage, just the bloom. Blooms are just too tasty to resist, I guess.


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