Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Making Some Progress...Update #3

I'm continuing my journaling of the progress in the garden.  Lots of time and work, have gone into these beds.

July, 2008

A lot has changed, since that day we made the offer on this house.  This is the view from the front, beside the mailbox, to the veggie area.  The veggie garden, is a large cage, with dirt inside for planting.  The black thing, sitting in the middle there, is the cover on the septic.  The septic isn't really used as a septic anymore...we have city sewage...but, the hole is there, and there has to be access.  Certainly not your most appealing view...a big black thing, just sitting there, looking ugly.

April, 2009

  We took away the big black cover thing, and covered the hole and put a big rock on top.  That left a big rock, sitting in the middle of the yard.  Not what I wanted.

So, I got out there and started digging.  My original plan, was to make a huge bed, all along the veggie garden.  The more I dug, the smaller the new garden plan became.

April, 2009

I call this the Rock Bed.  Not because it has a lot of rocks IN it, but because I took so many rocks OUT of it.  Mr. P. calls it the 'No See 'Em' bed, because you can't see it from his precious covered porch.

May, 2009

It's sunny and hot in this bed, from mid morning, until about 5:00 in the afternoon.  I wish the veggie garden was on the other side of this bed.  It would get more sun.  But, there won't be any moving that.

Late May, 2009

I know how all these plants felt, sitting out there in the sun.  Except, I was out there much earlier in the year.
Most of these plants had to be moved.  Some were chomped right down to the dirt, or burned to a crisp, during our very long, hot summer.  Sometime, you learn the hard way.  Actually, since that's the way I do it so often, that must be my favorite way to learn.

April, 2010

Anyway, when they took the dirt out for the Rio, I had them dump it over beside the Veggie Garden.  It's surprisingly good dirt.  Other people's top soil, that has washed down over the years, and decomposed leaves and grass, for years.  I added some more compost, though. 

April, 2010

There's still a way to go.  More weeds have shown up.  We need to get mulch down.  But, I think once things grow, it'll be good.  Something nice, for the golfers to see, as they make the turn.  

April, 2010

  The grass is very sad over here.....no grass watering was done last summer.  The weeds love it here, though.  Not sure what we'll do for the 'lawn' here.  I have some plans, but they're going to have to wait.

So, what do you think?  Was it worth all that work?  I guess, we'll have to wait and see what it looks like later in the year.  At least, it's not just a big cage and a big black thing, anymore.

But, you know....a garden is never really 'DONE', is it....

Happy Gardening..


  1. Hi Linda,

    I have really enjoyed seeing the progress of your garden through your words and photos. I can't wait to see what else you have planned :-)

  2. You've put a lot of hard work into that bed and it looks really great! I wish I could have some of those big rocks you dug up, all I find are the small round ones. You really have a lot of space to work in there!

  3. Linda- it may be just as well that the veg garden has some shade, what with 90s in early May. I can't believe it. My garden is shriveling up. Lucky that you have some good dirt close by and rocks too. Love rocks. They add such interest to your garden. Of course it was worth all the work. It will look lovely when things start growing and blooming.

  4. Hi Linda~~ Nice job. It's not an easy job, is it? Have you considered the lasagna approach rather than the digging? Newspapers or cardboard on the grass. Compost and or/mulch over that? It really does work and it's way easier than the digging. --Just a thought.

    You sound like me, graduating with honors from the school of hard knocks.

    Yes. It's worth it. You've done a fabulous job!

  5. Thanks, everyone. It's always nice to have a pat on the back, from those who've been there.

    There's still lots more to do. But, as Lancashire Rose says, it's already hot out there. Now the focus will be on keeping things alive.

    Happy Gardening...

  6. I just saw your previous posts and must say you have got a lot done into your garden. Will be seeing more often the progress you will be posting ahead.

  7. Ha! No, I don't think gardening's ever done! You absolutely did the right thing by putting that bed beside the veggie cage. Now the cage looks more grounded. You really have made outstanding progress in the last couple of years. I hope your back holds up with all that work!

  8. I simply love watching you make this transition. Especially, I think it's important for people to see that a garden doesn't just happen overnight. It's hard work and time and new discoveries along the way. Like finding all those rocks! Joyful to follow your progress!

  9. Muhammad, Jean, and Linda~~Yes...lots of work. So far, the back is holding up.

    I'm not a very patient gardener. I want everything to look like the magazines, right away. But, you learn to wait and see what happens.

    There are many more projects to do. I want a raised bed along the back of the house. That will require some brickwork. (Can you hear Mr. P. groaning?) But, that has to wait until cooler weather, in the fall.

    It's always something. After all...a garden is a 'living thing'. Right?


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