Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Good, The Bad…and The What’s That?

sunset 2010

Another ‘Camp’ has come and gone. Another unqualified success. We had a great time.

leaving for the airport 1

Heading for the airport

We visited, we played….we recharged.


Back home, some surprises awaited me. New chairs for the back yard.

front bench

And, a new bench for the front porch. Thanks, Mr. P.

orchid 2010 2

The orchid had opened new blooms.

squash 5-18-10

The squash is blooming. This is Gray Zucchini or calabaza.

1st daylily happy returns 5-18-10

The daylilies are finally blooming. Lovely ‘Happy Returns’.

sago returns

And, look! The Sago Palm, in the front bed, is ALIVE!!

lightning strike

But, the Bad happened, too. Lightning struck a tree close to the back of the house.

lightning strike 2

It peeled a line of bark off. Our tree guy says to just wait and see what happens. He thinks it’ll just heal itself. Scary close to the house, though.

unknown worm

And, we’ve had a LOT of these guys around. This is an ‘Indigo Spires’ salvia that he is eating. There were more on the Pineapple Sage and the lima beans. I don’t know what they are, but they’re NOT welcome.

Now, the ‘What’s That?’ part….

unknown fungi

After a pretty heavy rain, we can always count on some kind of fungus. Mostly, it’s in the form of mushrooms. But, this is way different. I looks like wax ‘ears’. Another unknown….and a bit creepy.

But, the garden is coming along nicely. Things are growing fast and lots of blooms. There’s always more to do, though.

Happy Gardening…



  1. Mostly wonderful surprises awaited you didn't they? I love the new chairs and bench. I hope you area able to pass many housrs in them enjoying your garden :-)

  2. How perfect is life! A trip, new benches, chairs, sago coming back. We should all go away more often.

  3. Your trip sounds like it was fun. What a fun tradition of having time with your girlfriends.
    Looks like your garden is doing well. The fun part about being away from it are all the surprised when you return.

  4. That lightning is DANGEROUS! Lightning struck a tree near my neighbors and it took a week to fall. Please be careful.

    That sago palm is aweseome. And your lilies are beauties as well.
    Love the chairs and bench. How sweet!

  5. Way to go! I'd head out of town more often if my spouse dolled the place up while I was gone! What a great getaway! Wish I could help you on that fungi, I've had it in my garden but never did figure it of life's mysteries:)

  6. Hi, everybody...
    I'm really enjoying those chairs, already. I can sit in the evening, and look at the garden. Only problem there....and, being gardeners, you'll understand...I see things I want to move, or change or add to. We're just never finished, are we?

    We were lucky with the lightning this time. At the old house, we had a strike to the ground just beside the house. It fried a lot of things...including the computer. We lost of lot of stuff, that time. The tree looks like it will make it.

    Cheryl...we have SO much fungus, this year. I haven't IDed any of it.


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