Saturday, May 23, 2009


I suppose anyone who lives near a tree has squirrels who come to visit. We have many of these little guys.
We also love to feed the birds. But, one of our feeders has rather larger openings, and the squirrels can get their little 'hands' in and throw the seed everywhere. So, we thought we'd be clever and get a baffle. That's a device that's supposed to keep the little critters off the bird feeders. Ours is plastic and slick. So, they can't get their little claws into it to hold on. Well...these are clever little creatures and apparently we didn't place our baffle quite right.
Holding on with his back feet, this little guy simply reached down, and pulled the baffle up.
Jumped down onto the roof.

And, lunch.
So, we moved the feeder further from the tree trunk....they can jump from there and land on the feeder...and put it on an extra hook, to make it too far to stretch.
So, now the squirrels don't empty the feeder in record time......but, the grackles do. Any suggestions for that???
As the saying's always something.

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