Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hot and Humid!

Whew!! It is hot out there. Went out this morning to pull some weeds in the veggie garden, and five hours later I'm done. Of course, you can't just pull a few weeds...there are always more things that have to be done.
The veggies are coming along. The only fenced area here is an 8 foot by 24 foot veggie garden.
It's not in the ideal place....but it came with the house. It was waist high with grass when we moved in. But, lots of work later, it's looking good. Just have to keep fighting those grass seeds.
Little tomatoes. These are Sweet 100....a kind of cherry tomato.
Summer squash. I was worried these might not make fruit. We left the first weekend of April and I covered the tomatoes, but nothing else. It got down to 27 degrees, on April 6. But, they made it and are putting on lots of little squashes. Just hope the squash borers don't find them too soon.
The pole beans are climbing up the fence. Peas are looking good and the cucumbers will be climbing soon.
And, even a fig! The fig tree isn't in the ideal place, either. Fig trees get very big, and this one looks like it's been here a while. So, moving it would be more than I want to take on. So, we'll just let it sit where it is.

As you can's right against the corner of the house. Oh well....time will tell.

Looks like summer is here.

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