Monday, April 27, 2009


Here we are at the start of another new week. Time really flies by fast, these days.
We had guests for the weekend, and we had a great time showing them around the area. The weather was just right.
We had a small shower Sunday morning before they left. But, it wasn't enough to keep me from having to water the veggies. While I was about it, I noticed there seems to be a theme going on with things blooming right now. There are lots of colors, but yellow and orange seem to predominate.
The first of the day lilies showed it's pretty face. I think it's Happy Returns.
My new Jerusalem sage, phlomis fruticosa. (Notice the protection I made from a tomato cage and deer netting....just in case.) Yellow Bulbine.

A Gaillardia Fanfare with double petals.

A yet to be planted orange Esperanza Tecoma Stans.

And the yellow Pansies.

There are pinks and purples and corals. But, many more yellows and oranges. That seems to be the wildflower theme around here, too. More yellows survived the drought in our area.

Right now, we're having some glorious rain. I was afraid it would miss us again, but it's coming down nicely right now. The veggies will be quite grateful.


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