Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So, my daughter-in-law and I went to a garden center the other day. I'd never been there.....The Great Outdoors on South Congress. It's a great place.
I found a lot of things I'd like to have. But, there is only so much room right now, where the deer don't go. I needed a society garlic for the Rock bed. Then I saw this Malabar Spinach....and, I thought, "It's a veggie. It can go in the veggie garden".
Then, after I get home with it, I do my research. Seems this will get VERY big and possibly take over everything. But, it is so pretty. Nice greens leaves, that burgundy stem.....and it's really tasty.
So, I have to figure it out.
The veggie garden is pretty full. There are all those day lilies on the south end. Then, there are squash, tomatoes, beans, peas, and cucumbers. And, there are two very scrawny okra plants coming up. So, where to put a vining plant that could become a monster? And, this garden doesn't need anymore shade.
That's what I get for being a greedy gardener who thinks she has to have it all....although, I'm well aware I can't have it all.
Wish me luck. And next time, maybe I'll do my research first.


  1. Great Outdoors is a magical place, isn't it, Linda? It's easy to buy many plants that I don't need when I go there. FWIW, the deer LOVE Malabar spinach if you want to plant it for them and perhaps it will distract them from something else?

  2. That is a serious vegetable cage. Look what the deer drive us to so that we can grow food for ourselves. I have never grown Malabar spinach. I wonder if it is easier to grow than regular spinach? I never have success with that.


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