Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh, Deer!!

I know I complain about the deer....a LOT. What they don't eat, they pull up. Or, they stomp on it. I have had a little success with some plants lately. They've left them alone....at least for the time being. I sprayed some with a repellent that seems to work pretty well. And, I put some deer mesh around some others, to give them a chance to take hold. But, it's all probably just a matter of time, before they get chomped. Our neighborhood is well know for the deer problem. At our local garden supply, they say they should put a disclaimer on the plants marked "deer resistant", to say, "Except in Woodcreek". They show up in what I've named the Deer Grove, every morning and every evening. And, sometimes during the middle of the day. One day, I counted eighteen in the back yard! They stop by for a drink. This birdbath was in the middle of a flower bed. What was I thinking? They stomped down everything to get to the water.
So, now, it sits out in the yard.

Then, yesterday, we were visited by one of our new neighbors.

At first, he was curious.

Then, he decided it might be best to hang out with Mom.

He's not the only new neighbor. We've seen ones younger than this one, and a few a bit older. The population has been increased quite a bit. And they're so cute.

But I know, whatever I've planted will be in danger of becoming part of their salad bar. We'll just have more customers now.

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