Friday, May 8, 2009

Queen for a Day

We bought our house in Wimberley last September. The inside desperately needed some updates. I set to work stripping the forest green paint off the pine kitchen cabinets, and stripping 25 year old wallpaper off the walls.
In the middle of all this, a surprise package arrived at my door. My friends...knowing I love day lilies...had sent me two collections of the little beauties....96 tiny, bare root plants!
Well...I had done a little research, and I knew that not only did I love day lilies, but the precious little deer around here would love day lilies, too.
So, the only place to put them in an unfenced yard would be the fenced veggie garden. If you saw my last post, you know that area was waist high with grass when we moved in. So, I got to work in the wonderful, September heat and humidity, and dug out a third of the garden so I could plant the day lilies.
I started with a plan. Yellow evergreens here...peach dormants there....Well, that didn't last long. I finally just plopped them in and watered them. During our very dry winter, I tried to remember to water them every ten days or so. I didn't always remember.
All but about three made it. And now, they're beginning to bloom. Having not stayed with the Plan, I'm having to depend on pictures in the little catalog that came with the plants. I hope I have their names right.
At the top of the page is "Miss Tinkerbell". She's a lovely peach.
This is "Happy Returns", and it does just that.
And, beautiful, deep red "Over There".
They're not to their full height, yet, and only three have bloomed, so far. But, won't it be grand if all them would bloom at once.
Their fleeting beauty lasts only one day, and then it's gone. But, that beauty makes each one a Queen.....if only for just one day.

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  1. I am having a love affair with my daylilies this year too. I love your clear yellow one. Like lemon sherbet. I wished I could have gone to the daylily show yesterday but I had to work at one of the gardens on tour.


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