Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Back last fall, my daughter-in-law, Alice, picked up an artichoke transplant from the Natural Gardener in Austin. I've had Artichoke Envy ever since.

This is it by Mother's Day. That fence behind it is about four and a half feet tall. Don't you just love those leaves??

And that really cool "bud". Now, two weeks later, it's blooming and putting on quite a show. It looks like a giant thistle.

I guess it is a member of that family.

It could be a Muppet character.

Or, a not-too-comfortable powder puff.

And, there are more to come.

Where, oh, where, can a person, living with too little fence and too many deer, plant such a wonder?? Oh, deer....guess it'll have to wait. I'll just have to visit this one.

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