Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yes!!!  That's RAIN on the driveway!

RAIN on the deck!

RAIN on the roof!

Two plus inches, and it's still coming down....ever so gently.

You can almost see the trees smiling.
Thank you....Thank you....Thank you.


  1. Ahh. Isn't it nice. I live in So California and we'll have to wait until November, hopefully, to have rain. Good photos.

  2. i'm really hoping it gets us out here at the keeps threatening and then goes around us! haha

    enjoy!!! beautiful rain..:)

  3. SWEET! Just a few drops here -- not even a sprinkle. But there are more chances to come!

  4. Yes...more chances to come. Those are beautiful words.
    Up until today, we had less than 3/4 inches of rain, since the first part of JUNE!! So, so dry here.
    Sun is out right now, but it's still faily cool.
    I hope we all get some rain in the next few days.

    Mary Delle~I hope you get rain way before November.

  5. Hi Linda! I LOVE your first and last pictures, reflection of the trees in the water and the trees' trunks!

  6. Rain is a tonic. It revitalizes! As kids, we would volunteer to fetch something out there..., just to play with the rain!!.. haha. ~bangchik

  7. Ah, the sight, sound and smell of falling rain when it has been a while. You can almost hear everything just sucking up the water or sighing. ;-)


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