Monday, April 26, 2010

Making Some Progress...Update #1

I'm making a journal of changes being made here at Patchwork Garden.

We bought this house, in the fall of 2008.  The first six months, were spent remodeling the inside.  I'm pretty much the do-it-yourself type, so a lot of it was just  The outside had to wait.

But, there has been a lot of work, lately.

This front bed, was mostly hedge and ground cover.  Not much interesting, here.

So, we shortened the boxwood hedge, and I started ripping out ground cover.  And, the shape of the bed got changed.

My plan, is for this to be a foliage bed. 

Rocks, that were buried by ground cover, were moved to the front and with an Agave Lophantha.

A line of blue fescue was arranged along the front edge.

Some 'Powis Castle' artemisia, was placed along the back, to soften things, and hopefully hide the gutter drain, that goes through there, all the way to the outside edge.

Palm grass will grow up and do some hiding, too.

A variegated Miscanthus, will add some height and interest to the side back.

A pale terra cotta pot adds interest.

I crammed it full of variegated plants.  I may have to rethink this, but right now I'm pleased with it.

The main focal point of this bed, will be this sago palm.....we hope.  It's not looking too good, right now.  If it doesn't come back to life, we'll be getting another one to replace it.  That'll put a dent in the budget.
It had some green, at the base of the limbs.  Keep your fingers crossed.

We still have these utility boxes to contend with.  Not sure there's anything that can be done.  I'm still thinking.....thinking.

And, there's still the island of ground cover, between the drive and the street.  I'd like to redo that, but it will just have to wait a while.

So, this is not an 'After'....more like a during.  But, it's coming along.

Gardening....the never ending story.

Happy Gardening...


  1. The style of your ranch house and pre-existing landscaping are much like mine. Even the circular drive (or so it looks from the pics). I'm still in the "during" phase too, but maybe that's where a gardener always is. ;-)

  2. I like your idea of a foliage bed. So many shapes & colors to add interest.

    Have you thought about bamboo muhley for hiding the electric box?

    We're out of town for a week, not much internet. Will check back with you when I get a chance.

  3. Linda you have a beautiful home. I can see what attracted you to it. I love what you have done with it so far and I'm really looking forward to seeing what in the world you do with that stupid box. LOL Mine is currently covered with vines. I'm not sure if that's frowned on or not but no one has said anything yet. hehe

  4. I love ranch style houses and the changes you have made so far have really increased the curb appeal. I can't wait for what you have planned next. Your Agave lophantha is beautiful - I have one too in my front garden :-)

  5. Boy I'm hoping my sago palm comes back too! It's looking nice!

  6. It looks really nice! I love the idea of a foliage bed. You have such a pretty house. We are do it yourselfers too, takes a lot longer but it the long run it's worth it.

  7. Pam~~I think you're right...gardeners are always in the 'during' stage....Or the 'what about this' stage.
    I think our front drives are similar. But, we don't have the berm you have.

    Kathleen and LeSan~~I'm not sure what we're allowed to plant on the utility easement. There are two cable looking boxes and that big ugly electric box. I try to ignore them...but, I'm still thinking of what to do.

    Noelle~~I have very little experience with agaves. I like the smallness of this one. It's prickly, though.

    Cheryl~~I'm not sure this sago is going to come back from the dead. It's still firm, but there is no sign of green coming on it. It was a big one, too....ugh...

    Catherine~~Doing 'it' yourself is rewarding...and exhausting. But, if there's a way I can do it myself, I will. Drives Mr. P. crazy!


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