Sunday, January 3, 2010

Road Trip....Fredericksburg, Texas

We've had some pretty days lately.  Cold and crisp, with the kind of bright sky you only get, with that kind of weather.
We took advantage of the day, and took a short drive over to Fredericksburg. 

Fredricksburg is a Hill Country town, settled by Germans, in the 1840s.  It's famous for it's quaint bed and breakfast lodging, and shopping.  And, of course, the old fashioned German ambience.

We went to see the German Christmas Windmill.  It's almost thirty feet high.  

Each tier depicts a different aspect of German Christmas decorating.

The bottom tier, depicts the Nativity.

The shepherds.

The three Kings.

A tier with carolers.

Wooden 'smokers'.  Small sizes of these would burn incense.

There were tiers with Nutcrackers and Angels....but, for some reason, I didn't get photos of those.

A real Christmas windmill would be powered by candles.  The 'candles' on this one, are powered by electricity, as is the windmill.  The figures parade around and around.

It was a nice day. 


  1. I have never been to Fredericksburg- yet! I will have to go now, just to see this windmill.

    Is this up all year, or is it just a Christmas thing? I would love to see it.

  2. I just love the German Christmas Windmill! Mine looks so tiny in comparison ;-)

  3. This is just adorable. Is that a word you can use with something so big? I especially love the windmill fans. The photo you have at the top of the post really has my mind working to figure out if I can incorporate this into my place in some fashion. My husband loves windmills but the ones I usually see are kind of...common. I like the star cutouts on this one immensely, it's so whimsical. It does look like you had a lovely day and that it was one of those perfect winter days.

  4. How sweet is that?! It sounds like a very cute little town.

  5. Janie..Fredericksburg is a really nice little town. Lots of good shopping. I like the houses and history more, though. I'm not sure if the windmill will be up all year.

    Noell..We had one we got, when 'we' were in the army and stationed in Germany, many years ago. It stuck, and the candles caught it on fire. Haven't had one since.

    LeSan...I loved those blades. I wasn't sure the photo would come out well...they were going round and round.
    Hope you're feeling better.

    Catherine..It's a very cute town. If you're ever in Central Texas, be sure to visit there.

  6. It looked lie a fine day for your trip. Sun is so important in the winter. We drove through Fredericksburg coming out here and spotted the candle windmill. I always wanted to have one of these but they were always so expensive. I did buy candle arches last year at Tuesday morning. They were made in Germany and are a wonderful addition to the Christmas table.

  7. Nice pics, great idea...I may have to head over there next year to check it out...let's hope I remember! Happy New Year Linda!

  8. How fun! So glad you shared this. I'm putting it on next year's December calendar.


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